Fischer Audio Silver Bullets


New Head-Fier
Pros: Neutral sound, big soundstage for IEMs, incredible details, smooth, great value, nice design
Cons: flimsy cable, mediocre build quality (diaphagrm cracks when moved inside the ear), uncomfortable (like many In Ears), pick up noise very well
First of all, my favourite genres are Progressive Roch/Metal and Classic, that's important to note for this review, because these IEMs are very specific.
If you want a good all round package sound-wise and overall, look elswhere; the Fischer Audio Silver Bullets are uncompromisingly about the sound of drums and electric guitars!

Their major weakness lies in their thin and flimsy cable. It's very thin and prone to coiling up and translates every handling noise on them or even your foodsteps when worn near your body, directly into your ear canal, so this pair of IEMs is useless for exercise or extendend traveling.
Like most conventional IEMs, the ear pieces create a seal against the outer world by fitting in your ear canal and creating an under pressure in your ears, which is uncomfortable; these are especially picky about the way they fit and don't deliver their full potential without the right seal.
It was especially hard for me because my previous IEMs were the Bose IE2. They work differently and don't create such pressure on your ears.
Now to the strong point of the Fischer Audio Silve Bullets: The sound quality they deliver for their price - They outperform many, many headphones up until the 180 €/$ range for a specific task:
This IEMs deliver amazing sound for Prog Metal! They have a relatively neutral frequency response without any bumps in the upper bass region and they sound extremely smooth because of that. They show every single  detail in the sound of distorted electric guitars without having too much treble at all. It's a quite analytical sound, but it's fun in it's very own way, as entirely new levels of music pop out of the headphone jack.
This is a bliss with the masterpieces of Prog Rock and Prog Metal, as it reveals the truely amazing artsmanship of the musicians. This IEMs totally changed my perception of 'A Sense Of Change' from Sieges Even (it's a hidden masterpiece) and deepened my bond with 'A Pleasant Shade of Gray' (Fates Warning) - now I simply love the drumming skills of Mark Zonder, how he gently puts new nuances into his play every few measures.
But this sound signature isn't fun with electrical genres and with pop and the like. As it reveals many minor details and picks up ambient noise of the recording and/or the audio interface really well, it's not meant for badly mastered/recorded music, either.

This pair of IEMs are a no-brainer if you look for a new experience and you like guitar-heavy genres (I suppose many other Hardcore and Metal genres would sound good with them), but they have a very specific skill set and they aren't that well build.  The are a very exciting pair of IEMs which I really like. However, their weaknesses disqualify them as my daily driver for mobile use, but they were a good experience for me which pointed me in a new direction for future headphone purchases.