Limited edition version of the FA-011 headphone. Only 10 units each of 4 precious wood types:...

Fischer Audio FA-011 Limited Edition

  • Limited edition version of the FA-011 headphone. Only 10 units each of 4 precious wood types: Sapele, Iroko, Tiama and Peruvian Walnut. Shielded cable. Fischer Audio APE-03 filters.

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  1. Loquah
    Dynamic and enjoyable open headphone
    Written by Loquah
    Published Jul 20, 2013
    Pros - Bass response, frequency balance, uniqueness
    Cons - Comfort of provided pads
    The FA-011 LEs are an upgraded version of the well known FA-011s. They are made using exotic timber cups with just 10 units made per timber for a total of 40 units ever made worldwide.
    The LEs include a passive frequency filter called the APE-03 which makes an amazingly flat frequency response while keeping the bass response that the FA-011s are renowned for.
    The ear pads provided with the LEs aren't thick enough for me and left my ears pressing against the inside of the headphones, but this was easily fixed by exchanging the pads for a set from the stock FA-011s which compeletely fixed the comfort.
    The staging isn't as big as the HD650s, but the detail and resolution is better. The LEs are an outstanding headphone for people who like clarity without losing bass impact and presence. They're also very good for gaming.
    Great headphone - see if you can get your hands on a set before they're all gone!
    Full review here:
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    1. Sweden
      Wow that is a big price jump indeed. I remember the original selling for´just over 100 USD.
      Sweden, Jul 21, 2013
    2. Loquah
      Yes, it's a big step, but it's a much better headphone. The stock 011s have a sharpness in the high end that is completely gone in the LEs. The cable and plug are vastly superior and the wood cups are beautiful (although they have no impact on the sound). Of course, there's always a price tag for something as rare as 1 of 40 in the whole world too.
      Loquah, Jul 21, 2013
    3. grizzlybeast
      Nice and with the 150 ohm impedance it would make a great pairing with the bottlehead crack!!
      grizzlybeast, May 6, 2014


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