Fischer Audio Eterna

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Fischer Audio's popular Eterna IEM from their fundamentals range.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great bass - non-fatiguing - good isolation.
Cons: Odd, around-ear design.
So I owned a pair of CX300II's for over 4 years and finally decided to get a new pair. Of course, I was looking to upgrade from the sennheiser in terms of Bass and overall quality. After reading Jokers 131 IEM thread, I decided to get these.
I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I as looking for a IEM that I would use for 1-2 hours at a time on my way to school, and these are just perfect for me. They provide great isolation, which is a must considering I take a rickety bus to school everyday. For around $60, this is probably the best deal I ever got, compared to my $90 CX300II, which are much more inferior to these.
These are not analytical in the slightest sense. These are just easy-to-listen-to, Fun, Bassy IEM's. The Bass has Strong Impact and wonderful detail and clarity. I never found it overpowering or muddy. The High's are rolled off slightly at the top and have a veiled sound, which contributes to a smoother, non-fatiguing sound. Things like Hi-Hats and cymbals are the only things affected by the veil though. The upper-mids sound slighlty more pronounced, giving vocals a clearer sound as well as guitars a stronger scream. Otherwise, I have no real problem with the rest of the spectrum.
When you first look at them, you might be confused, as I was, when i realized they had to around the ear. This doesn't necessarily make it uncomfortable, but just a little weird to get used to. I found putting on the little "ear hooks" that come with it helped with getting oriented. Otherwise the build quality seems strong, and I have not encountered any other oddities.
Great product at reasonable price. Worth every penny. If your looking for a Bassy, simple, IEM, this is it.


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