Fischer Audio DBA-02

General Information

› Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
› Sensitivity: 108 dB
› Impedance: 43 Om
› Input power: 60 mW
› Length of a cable: 0 M
› Color: transparent/blue.
› Set: ear tips, pouch.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: good sound quality for its value
Cons: not so balanced frequency response
My TF10 got broken these days, so I order this IEM, wondering how it sounds.
personally I like how TF10 performs with a silver plated copper wire plugged, and I will reference this new IEM with my previous beloved TF10.`
first of all, TF10 is a more balanced product from the beginning, with a natural sounding and better low frequency control, the DBA-02 somehow put more emphasis on the mid-high range and its weird in my opinion since Fischer Audio is not Audio Technica (  XD ) . 
I've been troubled for DBA-02's response behavior for nearly a week, my solution is either buy a high impedance cable or using EQ control if you want to make your DBA-02 all-rounder.
its kinda like calibrating your monitor, yes DBA-02 is not accurate( frequency response aspect ), but there's difference between adjustable and incurable -- and thank god DBA-02 is the former one .
some IEM come with better bass amount and more balanced tones just cannot be anything better, even with a good amp and nice source.
with a good set-up, I found the DBA-02 can be quite astonishing, it actually can play songs with bass!!
like what I said above , it just need some tweaking to work well. if you can apply some method and live with it, then everything is fine.
of course you can't play music like dark ambient or something cry for consistent low frequency performance, but the high end side is so delicate that you can forgive its crappy design and unbalanced nature, which may not be a problem if you just listen to a small gernes of music.
on the con side, I just can't imaging my DBA-02 can have the same lifespan as my TF10, I can't switching cable and before my TF10 died I've change two cable for repair, considering DBA-02's cable quality, this could be another short-lived phone too   :frowning2:
This absolutely makes sense since the TF10 lacks mids in my and most other peoples opinions. That's probably why the DBA-02 is seen as such a mid forward IEM, you might adjust to the sound. If you get a chance to listen to the TF10's again you might find the mids are actually quite recessed.
I'm sure as well the cable you used did improve the mids on your TF10's but not as much as a pure silver one could, and still, there is the physical limitation of how the crossover was tuned in the TF10's. Talking about them sure makes me miss mine :frowning2: Waiting on a replacement, unbalanced from the start :frowning2:.
hi YGuyG,
thanks for your comment :)
the TF10 original cable is far from convincing... make TF10 sounds flat and nothing special. I haven't had chance to try a pure silver cable, but I've quite satisfied with a silver plated copper one for its grooving is so vivid, make TF10 sound somewhat like a Koss headphoe. also I found a MOSFET amp would be a good companion for TF10, I've tried one for under 250 US dollars and I think this combination provides soundscape very close to a regular big headphone, though sitting in front of these bulky gears with a tiny IEM connected sounds stupid haha.
I'm now looking into UE700 as a complement to DBA-02, anything good ? :p


500+ Head-Fier
One of the best IEMs in the 150 price range hands down....


Aka: Nightcrawler, Oof Oink
Was flipping items from the classifieds on eBay.


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