Firestone Audio Fubar 2 MkII USB DAC - Silver

General Information

The Fubar II MkII USB Audio DAC lets you connect your computer to your Audio Amplifier and stream your entire music library with remarkable fidelity! Enjoying "High End" sound from your computer has never been easier! With the Fubar II you simply plug and play without having to install additional software or drivers.

The Fubar II takes the digital signal from your computer and converts it to a high quality analog output that connects to any amp or preamp. The full size USB connection is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. We've even included the USB Cable and a set of high quality interconnects to get you started.

The Fubar II lets you play all your stored music from iTunes, Windows Media Player and other programs. Listen to your favorite Podcasts, Internet Radio, even CD's and DVD's. Great sounding USB-Audio at your office, cottage, dorm practically everywhere!

This is the 2011 Version of the Fubar II with improved power regulation and LPF circuits. The analog output uses the highly acclaimed National Semiconducter LM4562 Opamp which is fully exchangeable allowing you to "roll" Opamps and customize the sound to your taste.

The new MkII version is completely revised and upgraded for 2011! High quality components include WIMA capacitors, MELF resistors, and BC electrolitics. With the new design and upgraded components the Fubar II MkII sounds clean and clear with a wider and deeper sound stage than ever before.


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