obby is a Pure-Class-A, Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier with both of single-Ended...

Firestone Audio - Bobby - Pure-Class-A, Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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  • obby is a Pure-Class-A, Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier with both of single-Ended Signals/Inputs and Balanced Signals/Inputs interface. Adopting the high-quality volume control chip as PGA2311 not only reduces the distortion of the sound but with lower error.
    The audio signal is enhanced by four fully identical amplifying circuits; and Tone Tuning by high-quality active/passive components (Wima, Vishay BC).

    Appearance of Bobby with Black and Silver Colors show the main brand image of Firestone Audio,

    Firestone Audio always deliveries the highest quality sound for you simply and naturally.

    Amplifier Structure:Compose by four Operational
    Amplifiers and Medium Power Transistor: High current
    High amplitude and fully balanced with bias control.
    Power Structure:Automatic transfer switching equipment with low noise, Stand by and Power on mode, Tow-leveled Power supply adjustment.
    Headphone Impedance:16 ohm to 600 ohm.
    Volume Control:Three-leveled switch (±0.5dB, ±1dB, ±2dB), with mute control.
    Circuit Protect: Output short / over current protect.
    Digital Volume Control:TI - PGA2311
    Operational Amplifier:TI - OPA604
    Power Transistor:IR - IRF630 / IRF9630

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  1. project86
    "A great sounding balanced amp at a reasonable price"
    Pros - Well balanced sound, black background, ultra precise volume control, low or high impedance jacks (in single ended mode) to adjust for flavor,
    Cons - 0 ohm output impedance on one jack would be ideal, I dislike the 3-pin XLR balanced style
    See my full review HERE. In summary, this is a well rounded, high performance amp that really offers a lot for the price. It's neutral, clear, and balanced - literally speaking and in terms of sound. Not sure why it isn't more well known. 
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