Fire Phoenix DAC-02

General Information

Using industry-recognized best decoder chip, the creative will be built in a small box inside the transformer, a unique anti-tampering measures, good circuit design, circuit board layout design excellent, good timber, small size makes this machine circumstances to achieve good listening results, ideal for desktop, room application.

Optical & Coaxial using CIRRUS LOGIC program, compatible with the current market of high-end digital audio, USB part is independent of external 24bit DAC USB receiver and decoder, when the connected computer using a USB DAC functions as a high-end sound card with external amp . Machine control part of the boot delay, no signal or failure automatically cut out. Volume sampling industry-recognized Japanese ALPS potentiometer control, the overall sound quality comparable to high-class CD

Ø Digital Receiver: CS8416 IC up 192K/24BIT SPI & I2S signal output (the max sampling frequency of using on this product is 96K/24BIT)

Ø USB digital receiver: CM102 , SPDIF signal output is adopted for this product.( CM102 part of the digital output , JITTER is superior than PCM chips)

Ø D / A converter: CS4398 dynamic response is 127dB with 24bit/192K sampling rate.

Ø Balance filter: LM4562, switching rate(S/R) is 20V/us

Ø Volume Control : Japan ALPS potentiometer

Ø Headphone amplifier: JRC4556 extremely low distortion, high-current, high slew rate of a professional amp IC.

Ø With built-in transformer mode, signal processing using ± 12V voltage regulator, digital processing part is separate +5 V power supply TL431 control to ensure maximum performance, stability and pristine sound quality. External power supply box than a lot of good.

Ø Frequency response: 20H -30KHz (0dBV OUT ± 0.5dB)

Ø Signal output (0dBV 1KHz/48KHz 16bit): THD + N <0.002%, the noise floor <105dBV, V> 2V (1FFS)

Ø SNR:> 110dB

Ø Channel separation:> 100dB

Ø Headphone output: MAX 14dBV (5V) THD + N <0.003% (1KHZ/50 ohm load & 2V)

Ø Input-digital input: COA, OPT and USB, each for a group. Note: the ports are gold palted.

Ø Multiple Sample rates: 32K-MAX192K/24BIT(for USB input: only support 16bit/44.1K and 48K)


RCA(single end): It’s convenient for matching with universal audio equipments.

Headphone output: support 32-300Ohm impedance headphone.

Panel feature

volume adjustment.

Signal indication: LED

Headphone output


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