Final Audio Design Piano Forte X-CC

General Information

Experience the distinctive and vivid sound quality of horn loudspeakers with the Piano Forte X-VIII Series

Piano Forte Series delivers a truly immersive sound experience akin to sitting in a finely-tuned concert hall. Every component has been designed with precision in a meticulous effort to integrate the core design of our Opus Speaker Series into a premium earphone. A distinct feature of the Piano Forte X-VIII is the driver unit, integrated with an extremely light diaphragm, installed inside the metallic housing. The resluting sound is immersive, clear and dynamic!

Piano Forte X-CC

Housing: Chromium Copper

Type: Dynamic Driver

Driver unit: 16mm

SPL: 108dB

Impedence: 16ohm

Length of cable: 1.4m

Weight: 38g


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