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Tiny in size - big in performance
Pros: + Very good sound quality relatively to the size
+ Neutral and uncolored
+ Smooth treble and expressive mids
+ Spacious soundstage
+ Can get really loud
+ Crystal clear and transparent
+ Compact size, fits everywhere
+ Bass compensation switch
+ Excellent build quality
+ Plenty of high quality accessories
Cons: - Limited bass response
- Lacking in dynamics and impact
- Without wireless or digital inputs
- Doesn't support subwoofer output
- Very tough competition
This is a brief summary of my FiiO SP3 review.


Executive summary

The FiiO SP3 is a compact sized, active desktop speaker featuring a 3.5″ carbon fiber mid-woofer and an 1″, in-house developed, silk dome tweeter that are powered by two-channel class-D amplifiers from TI, outputting 10W for the highs and 30W for the lows with 100W of total peak power.

They are very compact sized but also sturdy and well dampened against vibrations and resonances. Premium materials are used throughout and build quality is excellent.

At the back of the main speakers you are going to find a volume control knob, a knob to adjust the bass amplitude between -8dB to 0dB, stereo RCA and 3.5mm inputs, an input selector, an RGB led light selector and a toggle switch to invert left and right speaker. No digital or wireless inputs are included.

The FiiO SP3 comes with an external power adapter, a high quality 3.5mm to RCA cable, an interconnect cable between the two speakers and two sets of rubber isolation pads.

This is a small volume speaker with a tiny mid-woofer so you have to understand that it can't produce real bass, just harmonics. Under this scope and for the size, the sound is really good with a balanced, resolving and very expressive mid-range. The speaker is flat and linear without producing any unnecessary coloring to the sound. The treble is crisp, lively, energetic and crystal clear without brightness or harshness. The overall tonality is quite realistic and the timbre natural without artificiality. The FiiO SP3 disappears from the listener and draws a spacious soundstage with good information cues.

If small size is a prerequisite but you don't want to compromise in sound quality too much then the FiiO SP3 is an excellent option.
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Lu Mazzmarill
Thank you for the review. In the same price range, can you suggest similar speakers with more bass? They would be Perfect if they had more...
Edifier R2000DB has 5" driver