FiiO RM1 Bluetooth Remote Controller


Pros: Small, Steering Wheel Adaptor, Pairing Speed, Build Quality
Cons: Power button is too descreet, not individual buttons
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Fiio to try out this tiny bluetooth remote controller free of charge.
The device comes in a nice little retail package as all Fiio products i've owned seem to.  I was initially surprised at just how small this thing is, the actual remote is circular but slots into a more traditional rectangular remote shaped holder (or an included handy bracket for fitting to your car steering wheel).  In the box are the 2 holders (Rectangular and Steering Wheel) a small Lanyard, Instructions and Warranty Information.
The device is metal and feels really well made.  On the back you'll find a a tiny power / pairing button and the Battery Cover which is easily opened with a coin.  Flip it over and on the front you'll find Back / Forwards / Volume up & Volume down buttons on the front.  These are not individual buttons, rather buttons beneath a thin piece of flexible plastic.  I would have preferred actual buttons on the face as I'm not too sure how durable this may prove to be after some usage and I feel it's difficult to find the right button when not looking at the remote - especially if used by itself without the holders.  there is also a small blue LED that shows through the plastic face.
Pairing is simple, hold the power button until the small LED on the front starts blinking, it is now visible for pairing.  I had no issues with pairing between several devices, it was always quick and painless.  The device goes to sleep if unused for 11 minutes.  I feel this number is a bit random and maybe a little too long.  When it goes to sleep it is easily woken by pressing any button.  It will quickly pair with the previously paired device if available.  All the buttons work as expected and I experienced no issues at all in using it.
It comes with 2 Holders; one a slim, rectangular piece of plastic which makes it feel more 'remotey' and the other a bracket that allows you to attach it to the steering wheel in your car.  These are made from a somewhat flexible but durable feeling plastic and function as you would expect.
Overall I feel this remote is a great little addition with some convenient and thoughtful extras.  By itself it is a little too small and cumbersome to use without looking at it, but other than that it does exactly what it's supposed to do.


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Small, Simple to use, Elegant design, Affordable price
Cons: No raised buttons, Too small to hold unless mounted, Lack of screen on/off button for FiiO X7
Just released this April 2016 is the new FiiO RM1.  What is it exactly?  In the simplest words, it’s a bluetooth remote.  While bluetooth remotes may not be the most exciting piece of electronic gadget to talk about, it is a practical necessity tool in today’s consumer homes.  As more and more bluetooth devices are made available in the crowded consumer electronics market place, having a remote to control these gadgets certainty comes in handy!   This simple functional yet elegant and well-designed bluetooth remote pairs with any bluetooth devices and controls the audio functions: volume increase/decrease, skip tracks, play and pause.  With a low suggested msrp price of US $19.99, the RM1 definitely is enticing at this price point. So lets dive in and evaluate from a consumer perspective how it fairs.
*Disclaimer: Sincere thanks to FiiO for providing a unit to make this review possible.  This review is entirely my own honest independent opinion and expression. 

Having owned a few FiiO products through the years with the last three being the Kunlun-E18 portable amp/dac, K5 desktop amp/dock and their current flagship X7 portable music player, I’ve really noticed how FiiO has developed from a small player in the audiophile market and into a more maturing company with greater simplicity, elegance and practical design in packaging. 
The actual physical size of the RM1 is rather small. It is only 35mm in diameter and 7.8mm thick. Even when housed in the Remote Handle Mount, it is not too far in comparison to the size of the current generation Apple iPod nano.  So I was rather surprised by the larger than expected box size at first.  As I opened the box it was soon realized why the necessary size.  Along with the RM1, what is also included in the box packaging is a Steering Wheel Mount (this probably is the reason for the box size), Remote Handle Mount, Strap to tie into the Strap lug, warranty card and Quick start guide.  Some others online have mentioned an extra CR2016 battery being included in the box but mine did not come with one.
First Impressions
Well this looks a lot like the Satechi Bluetooth Media Button.  Compare and see for yourself but nonetheless hand claps to FiiO for designing or outsourcing such an elegant looking Bluetooth remote.  What really stands out at first glance is that shiny polished chamfered edge on the face of the RM1.  On the inner circle face sits the function buttons: volume +, volume -, skip back track, skip forward track and play/pause.   The side band edge has a complimenting matte silver finish.  Like a sand blasted finish look to it.  On the back is standard black plastic finish where the power on/off/pair button and the battery cover are positioned.  From its usd $19.99 msrp price point I think FiiO is offering a lot with its design and material finish here.
Operation and Performance
The RM1 physical weight is very light at 10g including battery.  Personally I find using the RM1 by itself too awkward and small to hold.  This I guess is why we have the included Remote Handle Mount.  Using the RM1 mounted in the Remote Handle Mount is the most comfortable way to operate and hold the RM1 for me.  The RM1 easily snaps into the dedicated opening circle on the Remote Handle Mount.  The Remote Handel Mount material itself is not as stiff as it looks and actually has a fair bit of flex which I found pleasing and comfortable to use.  There is also a slight angle slope at the bottom rear of the handle, which adds some nice design flare to the overall product.  The Steering Wheel Mount is made of the same material so has some flex to it as well and the RM1 snaps just as easily into its housing.  Both mounts have a FiiO branding logo moulded into the material, which adds to its attractive design.
The RM1 when first powered ON will automatically enter broadcast mode for 60 seconds and will pair with any device supporting BT 3.0 or higher.  I had no problems pairing it with the FiiO X7 music player and iPhone 6.  After having paired with a bluetooth device and 11 minutes of inactivity, the RM1 enters sleep mode.  To wake the RM1 from sleep, you press the Play button and it will attempt to connect to the last paired device again.  This is definitely a well thought out battery saving and convenience feature to not always have to power off the RM1 manually when not in use.  Battery life expectancy according to FiiO is about one month.  I have not used this for this long of a period to confirm how accurate this is but one month sounds rather short.  Is this perhaps a typo on FiiO’s website?
I also own a Satechi Bluetooth multi-media remote, which I was using previously to control the X7 while docked in the FiiO K5 desktop amp.  While functionality is on simpler levels with the RM1 vs. the extra buttons on my existing Satechi multi-media remote, I found it was more compatible with the X7.  While using the Satechi remote there were random times when pressing the skip track button would result in the song stopping abruptly and the X7 FiiO music player software returning to its home screen.  Using the RM1 I haven’t experienced any of those issues and operation wise things just seems to work.   However sometimes I do experience some odd momentarily volume decrease when Bluetooth is enabled on the X7 and paired with the RM1.  This could be just a firmware issue with the X7 but it’s difficult to confirm at this time. 
When comparing my existing Satechi Bluetooth remote to the RM1, one thing I really miss on the RM1 is not having an additional button or feature to turn on the X7 screen to visually see what track is currently playing.  It will definitely be welcoming if FiiO incorporates this functionality in future RM1 revisions.
Since the RM1 also includes a Steering Wheel Mount, FiiO is also marketing this as an in-car control utility.  My iPhone and X7 are paired to my car’s Bluetooth stereo system.  Using either provides the music source and the RM1 is paired as the remote control mounted on the steering wheel.  Although I can also control the source device from my car’s steering wheel built in control buttons, I found the RM1 gives me that additional freedom by allowing me to position the mount anywhere on the steering wheel. At first it looked like the hook on the steering wheel mount was too small and not going to fit but it flexes a surprisingly good amount and I had no issues wrapping it around the steering wheel of my 2010 Toyota Prius.  A mounting tip here is to first clip the steering wheel mount onto the steering wheel and to snap the RM1 it afterwards. This allows you to position the RM1 exactly the orientation you wish. While my car already has integrated audio control buttons on the steering wheel, not everyone’s vehicle might have this especially if it’s an older or more basic model vehicle.  Also strangely there is no pause button on my vehicles’ steering wheel controls so the RM1 adds this missing button.  Overall the RM1 works pretty darn well in the vehicle but it’s not perfect. What I soon realize was there is no indentation markers on the buttons so this makes it awkward to use while driving.  Since you can’t feel the buttons you’re left a bit guessing while trying to keep your eyes on the road.  This is something FiiO should seriously consider adding if they are really serious about marketing this as an in-car control utility.
Final Thoughts
In the last few years, FiiO has seen well success in the audiophile community.  Much of this success in my opinion is due to their recipe of offering quality products at affordable prices for the mass consumer.  With the RM1 that recipe of success continues.  At an msrp US $19.99 price point and with its included mounts, this makes for a very attractive bluetooth remote accessory for anyone with bluetooth devices.  This is especially true for FiiO X7 owners who want to control their music while their X7 is not within reach or docked to the K5 as in my situation.   I really think FiiO priced this right in the sweet spot.  I would recommend this product.  Thanks for reading my review and I hope you found this informative or helpful in any way. 

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Build quality, flexibility, included accessories
Cons: occassional stutter
Firstly, apologies for my delay in writing this review....on a positive it has given me more time with the RM1.
I was fortunate enough to receive an early remote for review, which was dispatched by Sunny via courier as soon as available, my thanks to Fiio for the opportunity to try out the RM1 remote prior to UK availability. I will give an honest open review based on my experience with this unit in the following paragraphs in return for your kind offer to trial the RM1 remote.
I did pop an interim review on Amazon as soon as the UK site advertised a pre-order for the RM1....
If you have previous experience of receiving a Fiio product you will note that the packaging is top-notch and there are often included extras which add even further to the premium feel of the product, the RM1 is no different and comes in a very nicely presented box which protects the remote well. Inside the box you are rewarded with the remote itself and a holder which turns the small remote into a more familiar hand-held format for a remote control....this is nicely engineered and the remote snaps reassuringly into place. As well as the hand held adaptor there is a small round holder with a curved clip that will hold the remote onto your steering wheel (I really liked this addition). There is also a small lanyard and TWO only requires one, this is another nice touch and shows how much aftersales thought goes into Fiio's product line.
Connecting to any item is very quick and easy, I know a few have mentioned about the small size of the power and pairing button - I didn't have any issues with this myself and it was a breeze to connect with my Fiio X7, mobile phone, portable speaker....1 touch and the RM1 instantly appeared visible to any devices I tried, there were no faults I could find with connection. There was no drop-out when connected and the best bit - after you have connected the first time you don't need to access the power button again so no worries if you do find the diminutive pairing button tricky you needn't tackle it again. The buttons are very comfortable to the touch and feel slightly rubber-like which means that they don't slip and have a quality finish - if they had been smooth plastic it would be more difficult to use without looking, as they are it is a very pleasant contact and the amount of pressure required along with the click when registered make this feel like a premium product. Mainly connected to my X7 (every day) I have found that there is no issue with re-pairing - just touch any button on the remote and the RM1 powers back up from sleep. I have not seen any big difference in battery life on my X7 having BT on which was the negative I was expecting as pay-off for the extra practicality of a remote. The RM1 never misses a move - every click does exactly what it should without any pausing or hiccups and actually surprised me with how well it worked.
The RM1 is flexible as it comes with either the hand-held adaptor or the steering wheel clip-on and worked with anything you care to throw at it - I tried with my Sony Xperia phone - no problems and also with my portable Denon speaker...there doesn't appear to be any less functionality with other branded equipment or different types of audio equipment. I didn't expect it to work as well as it does nor did I expect it to work with so many different devices - it seems like witchcraft :)
There is no doubt that the RM1 looks, feels and performs like a very expensive high-end piece of equipment - the retail price is very low for what you get. I couldn't live without this now and I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses a device in their car via an aux cable as I do. The X7 stepped up the audio in my car no end, however there was a frustration in not being able to pause or skip tracks using the normal steering wheel controls on long journeys...the RM1 fills this void perfectly.
Initially I reported back that it seemed to have turned my X7 back on after I had switched it off....I tried to replicate this a couple of dozen times since unsuccessfully so that was clearly user error and it doesn't do this. The only thing that I have noticed is that every now and again the might be a little stutter or jump on a track whilst playing the X7 without touching any of the buttons on the RM1, this doesn't happen a lot and will only do the odd single jitter every now and again (maybe once or twice in 30 minutes a small hiccup will occur). It is a bit annoying, but definitely not enough for me to lose the ability to skip tracks as I please in the car. I don't know whether this is caused by the RM1 or the X7 - it could possibly be fixed by firmware down the line if the communication slip is down to the X7?
Well there is no ugly to add, on the whole I really like what Fiio has done here and I think that the quality and execution is excellent - much better than I anticipated. The half a star I deducted is due to those irregular skips here and there (my X7 has never done it without the RM1) and this might be something addressed in the future....almost perfect.
If anyone has any questions not covered here then please feel free to inbox me and I'll answer wherever I can (or test further if needs be to get an answer).
Pros: Configurable physical formats/usage with one unit, reasonable range (about 10m), ease of use, value
Cons: Volume issue with X7 (sleep mode), tricky buttons (temperamental), limited practical uses
For larger (1200 x 800) images, click any picture


The RM1 is a very small and quite versatile Blue-tooth controller unit. This one came out of the “blue” a little – although I can see the reason for FiiO developing it as a natural accompaniment to the X7 with its wireless capability. So let's skip the usual preamble and get down to the specifics – how well does it work, and is it worth your investment.
By now, most Head-Fi members should know about the FiiO Electronics Company. If you don’t, here’s a very short summary. FiiO was first founded in 2007. Their first offerings were some extremely low cost portable amplifiers – which were sometimes critiqued by some seasoned Head-Fiers as being low budget “toys”. But FiiO has spent a lot of time with the community here, and continued to listen to their potential buyers, adopt our ideas, and grow their product range. They debuted their first DAP (the X3) in 2013, and despite some early hiccups with developing the UI, have worked with their customer base to continually develop the firmware for a better user experience. The X3 was followed by the X5, X1, X3 2nd Gen (X3ii), X5 2nd Gen (X5ii), M3 and X7. FiiO now have a growing range of amplifiers, DAPs, DACs, and accessories (even earphones), and they still follow the same simple formula since 2007 – affordable, stylish, well built, functional, measuring well, and most importantly sounding good.
The RM1 Blue-tooth Remote was provided to me gratis as a review sample. I have made it clear to FiiO that I still regard any product they send me as their sole property and available for return any time at their request. Sunny has told me recently that they do not want any of the products back, preferring me to keep them for follow up reviews or for my own personal use. I am grateful for this – so in this sense the RM1 is a “free sample”.
I'm a 49 year old music lover. I don't say audiophile – I just love my music. Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current set-up. I vary my listening from portables (including the FiiO X5ii, X3ii, X7, LP5 Pro and L3, and iPhone 5S) to my desk-top's set-up (PC > USB > iFi iDSD). I also use a portable set-up at work – usually either X3ii/X7/L3 > HP, or PC > E17K > HP. My main full sized headphones at the time of writing are the Beyer T1, Sennheiser HD600 & HD630VB, and AKG K553. Most of my portable listening is done with IEMs, and lately it has mainly been with the Jays q-Jays, Alclair Curve2 and of course the Adel U6. A full list of the gear I have owned (past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile).
I have very eclectic music tastes listening to a variety from classical/opera and jazz, to grunge and general rock. I listen to a lot of blues, jazz, folk music, classic rock, indie and alternative rock. I am particularly fond of female vocals. I generally tend toward cans that are relatively neutral/balanced, but I do have a fondness for clarity, and suspect I might have slight ‘treble-head’ preferences. I am not treble sensitive (at all), and in the past have really enjoyed headphones like the K701, SR325i, and of course the T1 and DT880. I have a specific sensitivity to the 2-3 kHz frequency area (most humans do) but my sensitivity is particularly strong, and I tend to like a relatively flat mid-range with slight elevation in the upper-mids around this area.
I have extensively tested myself (ABX) and I find aac256 or higher to be completely transparent. I do use exclusively red-book 16/44.1 if space is not an issue. All of my music is legally purchased (mostly CD – the rest FLAC purchased on-line). I tend to be sceptical about audiophile ‘claims’, don’t generally believe in burn-in, have never heard a difference with different cables, and would rather test myself blind on perceived differences. I am not a ‘golden eared listener’. I suffer from mild tinnitus, and at 49, my hearing is less than perfect (it only extends to around 14 kHz nowadays).
I've now had the RM1 for at least a couple of months and have tested it in as many scenarios as I could. This includes in my car, paired with my iPhone 5S, FiiO's X7 DAP, Blue-tooth headphones like the XTZ Divine, and Blue-tooth speakers like the Sound Blaster Roar.


The RM1 arrived in a retail box and lid measuring approximately 65 x 162 x 48mm. On the front of the sleeve is a picture of the bottom half of the X7 with RM1 mounted in its hand-held remote chassis, and on the rear is a photo alongside the X7 (docked to K5) and also the RM1 in its holder on a car steering wheel.
Retail box and lid
Rear of the box
Removal of the lid
Removing the lid reveals the RM1 in a cardboard holder. Roving this then reveals two hidden compartments – one holding the steering-wheel attachment, a lanyard, and spare battery (there was also one fitted already – a nice touch).
Inside the top holder compartment is the documentation – a warranty and user manual.
All the accessories
Lanyard, hand-held remote and car adaptor
Car adaptor
We'll cover the build etc. below.
The table below lists most of the relevant specifications. I have (as a comparison) also listed specifications from the default AM1 and also the AM2 module.
35 mm diameter
7.8 mm
10g (incl battery)
Effective Range
10 m
Operating Freq
2.4 gHz
75 mHh CR2016 (3V)
Sleep Mode
After 11 minutes (inactivity)
Blue-tooth Support
3.0 standard and above
The RM1 is a pretty svelte button shaped device measuring 35 mm in diameter and just under 8mm thick. The front face consists of a black satiny rubber face with a multi-directional single button. The button pivots on 4 axis, with volume up and down on the vertical axis, and previous / next on the horizontal axis. A centre push activates play or pause. Between the centre and top buttons is a single blue LED which indicates functions/modes.
Around the circumference of the RM1 is a brushed aluminium ring which is nicely bevelled, and has a central indent which holds the RM1 snugly in the accessory you've chosen (remote or car connection holder).
Top face - directional button
Bottom - battery compartment and single device button
The blue LED
On the rear is similar material to the front, but dominated this time by a single compartment to hold the battery (a 3C CR2016 button type battery). On the outer ring is a place to hold/thread the lanyard, and a single very small button to control the RM1 (on/off and pairing). This button is pretty tiny, and really needs a fingernail to press and hold.
The remote bar
This is a black slightly flexible 42 x 96 mm piece of reasonably rigid rubber with a mounting hold for RM1. It has a slight lip which snaps and holds the RM1 securely. It has rounded corners and bevelled edges, and feels quite comfortable when in use. The FiiO name logo is etched into the lower front face. To remove the RM1 simply turn the device over, press your thumb into the rear hole, and press the RM1 out into a waiting palm. Simple but effective.
The car mount
This made of the same black semi-rigid hard rubber, with similar design principles (nice rounding, bevelled edges, a lip to hold the RM1 securely, and a rear hold to dismount the RM1 from the holder. The holder is shaped like a large ring with a split band, to mount it in your car, you simply slip it over the steering wheel in the desired position. It really couldn't be easier.
So for physical build and design, so far pretty good – except for the somewhat fiddly button – but due to size constraints, FiiO may not have had many options on implementation with this feature.
To use the RM1, you simply hold the small button at the back for 1 second. To power it off, hold the same button for 3 seconds. The blue light flashes once for power on and 3 times for power off.
First Time Pairing
Turn the RM1 on and it will automatically go into broadcast mode (flashing blue light). Make sure your device is in pairing mode, and look for the “FiiO RM1” to be recognised. Once found, select it and the device automatically pairs.
After power on the next time, the RM1 automatically goes into search mode – looking for former pairings to activate. If it finds one it automatically pairs, and you're good to go. If it doesn't, it goes into broadcast mode for 60 seconds looking for a new pairing, which if it doesn't get after 60 seconds, it shuts down.
Use In The Car
RM1 would be perfect for anyone without Bllue-tooth in their car
Very easy to fit and use.
I did try to pair straight to the Blue-tooth in my car – but no dice. But pairing with my iPhone or X7, and then using them with the car stereo is no issues (via aux or even Blue-tooth). Everything works as it is supposed to, and it is very easy to mount the device anywhere on the wheel. If I didn't already have Blue-tooth in my car, it would definitely be a simple and elegant solution. For those already having Blue-tooth connections though, usefulness will be superfluous (unless you have a passenger who wants control of the stereo).
Use with The SB Roar
This was a similar issue to the car – I couldn't pair direct to the Roar, but I could connect to the iPhone, and connect that to the Roar. It worked really well too …… except I can control the Roar equally well with just my iPhone over Blue-tooth – so it kind of defeats the purpose.
Use with the XTZ Divine
Again – couldn't connect direct to the headphones, but can connect to the source. And – it works really well. But – I can either use the on-headset controls or iPhone (which I have to have on me to use the headphones). So again – limited use.
Use with the X7 and/or iPhone
Easy connection. Works as advertised. If I have an alternate amp connected via headphone-out, and paired with speakers – then it's a great wireless solution. I really like the ability to change track and volume. It just needs to be the right set-up.
Use with the X7 and K5
This is the one I thought would be most useful – FiiO even have a picture of the X7 docked on the back of the packaging. The problem is that if I use it in the dock – it's the K5 which controls the volume, and not the X7. Which makes the RM1 kind of useless with the X7 and K5 paired together. For FiiO to think about – when you release the K5 V2 eventually – and include a variable rear RCA setting so I can control my monitors with it (please) – also consider putting a Blue-tooth volume control in the K5, or allowing the X7 to control K5's volume over Blue-tooth. You then have a really killer desktop set-up. And that would make the RM1 hugely useful.
Usage sounds simple and most of the time it is. But it can also be an exercise in frustration at times. Press a little too long on the button, and it'll go into pairing mode, or worse still – turn itself off. And then you have to repeat the process. And sometimes I've got the device perfectly paired, then go to snap it into the reticle/holder, causing it to push the button, and all of a sudden I'm back in pairing mode again. It isn't a big issue – but I've lost count of the number of times I've missed the connection, and had to start again. It would be a lot simpler if the on/off button was on the rear, and a separate pairing button was on the front.
Apart from that the only other issue I've had has been specifically related to the X7. FiiO know about this one, and it appears to be a fault with the X7 rather than the RM1. If I don't push any buttons, one of the two devices goes into “Blue-tooth sleep mode” after about 10-11 minutes. When this happens, the X7 jumps in volume. It is repeatable and happens every time. Last time I simply set it playing the same song over and over and measured peak dB with my meter before and after and the delta was around 7.5 dB – which is quite a hike. Something to be aware of if you're pairing the RM1 with the X7.
I tested the range, and FiiO's 10m seems to be pretty accurate. As soon as I started to get beyond that. Connection was at first flaky, then failed altogether. To FiiOs credit though, when I tested it and lost the connection, the RM1 immediately started looking again, and reconnection was pretty straight forward.


FiiO have themselves a very good little unit with the RM1. It pairs well with most smart devices, has easy operation, really well thought out usability options (the holders), and a pretty solid build. The button (pairing & on/off) configuration could do with a little more work – but I'm pretty happy with the quality of the unit and accessories. It would be fantastic for the car (if you don't already have Blue-tooth connections), and is an ideal pairing with a smart stereo system (as long as it is able to pair).
At around $25.00 (Penon Audio - the RM1 is pretty good value, and well worth checking out – even just for curiousity sake.
4 stars from me – mainly because the X7 issues may be with the X7 rather than the RM1 itself. For me personally though, not a lot of use with my current gear (maybe in the future).
Once again thanks to Sunny at FiiO for giving me a chance to try the RM1 before its global release.
Unfortunately I have no Sony to try it with so can't really answer that one.  Sorry.
it works on a sony xperia Z5 smartphone so...
Theoretically it should work on most Bluetooth devices - unfortunately without having the exact device it is impossible for me to say yes or now with certainty :)


Reviewer for The Headphone List
ryanjsoo's Reviews
Pros: Extremely portable and light weight, long battery life, very nice build and design, accessories are quite good, Especially easy to use
Cons: LED has a lot of bleed which can look a little cheap, Occasionally unpairs from my laptop

Intro –

There are many gadgets that are desirable but not practical; gadgets that are briefly enjoyed then forgotten over time. The RM1 is a very interesting product from Fiio that is quite the opposite, few people wanted the RM1, but It`s something almost anyone could benefit from owning. So what is it? The RM1 is a Bluetooth remote that pairs with any Bluetooth able device and controls various music navigation functions (vol-+, skip track, play/pause). It works in conjunction with smartphones, cars, speakers and even Bluetooth headphones. The RM1 carries an RRP of $25 USD which is within the impulse buy price range. Fiio is a well-known audio company and the RM1 represents a departure from their usual products. This poses a few questions: Does the RM1 still represent the fantastic value that Fiio products are known for and does it carry the quality we`ve come to expect from a Fiio product?

*I would like to thank Fiio for providing me with an RM1 in exchange for my honest opinion.

Packaging –


The box is a big step up from the EM3 but still behind the level of finish provided by Fiio`s higher end devices. The box is a nice size, easy to ship but still premium though the print is a little washed out. There is a small authenticity marker on the side and some summary information on the rear.

Removing the front face reveals the RM1 in a card-board inset with a small tray above housing some accessories.

The unboxing experience is very apple-esque and intuitive. Below the RM1 is the remote housing and papers and above it is the steering wheel mount, wrist strap and a CR2016 battery. There is also a battery inside the RM1 itself so I appreciate Fiio including an extra battery, they can be hard to find in some areas.

Overall for $25 USD, the unboxing experience and accessories are pretty great. Unfortunately the packaging must show off the product, not the other way around and the logo cluttered front presents a bit too generic for me. Perhaps the well-designed images on Fiio`s website set my expectations too high.


Design –

What does carry Fiio`s signature level of finish is the RM1 itself. The RM1 is constructed from a tactile sand-blasted aluminium outer ring combined with matte plastic faces that are easy to grip and rubberized front buttons.


The front buttons feel great, clicky with well-defined pressure points and plenty of travel, you don`t get that mushy feeling from low quality buttons nor that overly stiff feeling invoked by an overly thin plastic cover. I do agree with twister6 upon the rear power/pair button, it`s a bit small but after the first pair, you can use any of the front facing buttons to power on the device, making this issue redundant. Aesthetically, the RM1 has a handsome design; chamfered edges reflect light and guide the eye whilst a very premium rubberized face continues the feel to the digits.


It is very compact and light enough to forget about in a pocket or bag. The RM1 can be a little awkward to hold on its own, even for my relatively small hands. It does have a strap loop to prevent accidental drops but for long term use, the RM1 is much more ergonomic within the remote or steering wheel housings.


Both the remote and steering wheel housings are made of a soft, flexible plastic similar to that employed in watch bands, just much thicker. They don`t scratch the RM1 and are easy to equip/remove. A ridge that runs the perimeter of the RM1 seats solidly within the accessory housings and the RM1 is very unlikely to fall out unintentionally, even in a moving vehicle.


The remote accessory is easy to hold and doesn`t add too much weight to the RM1. It is angled at the bottom for more comfortable holding, also making the device a bit easier to pick up too.


The same goes for the steering wheel holder. It is flexible and will attach firmly around pretty much any steering wheel.


Both have the Fiio branding moulded into their faces and continue the design language of the RM1 itself with chamfered edges and an imitation sand-blasted finish on the faces.


Both holders have a small hole in the back for easier removal of the RM1 unit, you simply bend the housings, push the RM1 through the hole and it snaps out. There is also a small ring that runs around this opening, preventing accidental pressing of the power/pair button. They are well moulded and have no sharp edges, very well implemented on a whole.


Apart from that, the mechanism to replace the button cell battery is very well designed. A small lip holds the battery whilst a shock absorbent foam ring prevents the battery from falling out of the device. The door spins shut with a well defined click, it isn`t overly hard to remove unlike most devices. A micro USB port would fit on the device but I doubt a LiPo cell and charging circuit would fit. The battery life is long enough that a non-rechargeable battery isn`t too much of a concern. An interesting addition down the line could be different battery doors, perhaps one with a magnetic back or one with a clip like the Fiio A1. I find the RM1 isn`t a bad device to have on me when I`m jogging, you could have a nano in you back pocket and the RM1 on you collar, it would make for easy control whilst running or training. 

I`m very happy with the build and design of the RM1, both the device and accessories are of great quality and I`m sure both will last a long while. To put it simply, other makers would ask well over twice the price Fiio is charging for something this well finished.


Usage –

The RM1 is quite smart and very easy to use. Turning it on for the first time, the RM1 goes into broadcast/pairing mode and is easily found by any device supporting Bluetooth 3.0 and above. The RM1 pairs quickly and works with minimal latency. After the first pair, the RM1 attempts to connect to paired devices for 5 seconds, displayed by a solid LED, then goes into broadcast/pairing mode again to pair new devices, displayed by a flashing LED. Although this is very simple and straight forward you`ll still need to read the manual to understand this process. Luckily it is in perfect English and is quite intuitive.


Using the Bluetooth 3.0 standard, in theory should produce longer runtimes than previous standards and the RM1 should last for around 1 month. So far, it`s been working fine during the past week of heavy usage. I was really surprised when all functions of the RM1 worked with properly with Android and Windows. Usually the volume buttons only work with iPhones/iPods and Macs, but the RM1 properly changed volume on my HTC M8, where the volume buttons usually change tracks or don`t work at all.


It also worked perfectly with my laptop running windows 10. I was able to use all of the features within VLC, Foobar and iTunes. This is surprising as the Bluetooth controls on my Denon envaya mini don`t work on my laptop at all. The remote didn`t work with the in-browser Spotify however it worked perfectly with the application.


I`m a university student and often have many lectures open at the same time on my laptop, most in split screen with a matching word document on the other side; it can get pretty messy. I leave music playing in the background through Foobar or Spotify and If I want to change a track, I have to move around in excess of a dozen windows. I just learnt to put up with it, but found it so much more convenient leaving my music playing in the background while working in another window and simply changing tracks through the RM1 instead of alt tabbing through all my windows. The RM1 has been very useful here, It helps me maintain my train of thought and keep all my lectures and notes aligned in split screen. When not in use for a while using Windows, I noticed that the RM1 disconnected and went into pairing mode. I`m not sure about the cause, but it was easily fixed by restarting the RM1.


Another scenario where the RM1 has been surprisingly useful is in my Garage. I have my Edifier E25`s playing music from Spotify in the Garage while I exercise and the RM1 makes it much easier to navigate through my playlists and adjust volume between songs. For my uses, the RM1 replaces the stock Edifier E25 controller, it provides similar functionality with volume control with the added functionality of play/pause and the ability to skip tracks.


The RM1 is also marketed as an in-car utility, mounting easily onto a steering wheel or even bike/motor bike handle bar. The arm that holds the RM1 is flexible enough to stretch around large diameter wheels but also firm enough not to fall off. The RM1 is very light and didn`t move around when I turned the wheel rapidly during parking, etc. It doesn`t actually pair to the car, but your device which you can use as a source for your car`s stereo system. The RM1 worked flawlessly here too.

The only criticisms I have are minor or unrealistic at this price point. The first is that I wish Fiio had implemented an orientation locking mechanism, the OCD in me keeps adjusting the RM1 to be completely straight within the remote housing, though the round design does work well with the steering wheel mount; you can mount the RM1 at any point and have it orientated correctly. The button plate could also be a little thicker or employ a filter similar to Xiaomi`s portable batteries to prevent bleed from the LED (seen above), it`s not a big deal, but would provide that final added touch.I also would have liked some sort of IR blaster function such as that on some smartphones where you can record commands, such as powering a TV on or my Edifier speakers for example through the one remote. It would have been nice, but the RM1 uses Bluetooth so that is completely unrealistic, perhaps in an RM3 later down the road?


Verdict –

The RM1 is a device that I keep finding more uses for as time goes on, it`s quite brilliant. I really like what Fiio is doing, they`re innovating and branching out into useful areas beyond pure audio. It`s this kind of thinking that produces successful products, not just performance or the ever present game to one-up the competition.


Accessories – 10/10, The included accessories are useful and of high quality. The car mount and remote housings are both very practical in everyday scenarios whilst the extra battery and wrist strap are nice added extras, good job Fiio.

Design – 10/10, An aluminium housing adds a bit of flare whilst a silky rubberized finish produce a very nice look and feel. The RM1 is robust and portable, perfect for its intended uses. The buttons are tactile and the status LED is very visible but not intrusive. The mechanism to change the button cell battery is much better implemented than on most devices. Markings are clear and resist fade.

Usage – 9/10, Works well in all the scenario`s Fiio intended and a few more. Nice and compact for use while driving, intuitive and easy to orientate through the LED light at the top. Remote housing works well

Value – 10/10, At $25 USD, the RM1 is a value champ. Although some might argue of limited functionality, the RM1 really is quite useful in many different situations, say a party for example. It is of great quality and comes with plenty of accessories.

Overall – 10/10, The RM1 is the perfect embodiment of simple but effective, just don`t expect a game changer.What Fiio offers with the RM1 isn`t even the exciting part, what the RM1 represents is an innovative future for Fiio, much like what HTC has done with the Vive. I`ll look forward to more products like this from Fiio in the future. The RM1 is a keeper.

This review was taken from my blog, have a look there for guides and more reviews like this, thanks for reading:

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: easy pair up, works with any device that supports Bluetooth, for home or car use, 1 month battery life, volume and media transport control.
Cons: very small power/pair-up button, need to buy replacement batteries.

I would like to Thank FiiO for providing me with a review sample in exchange for my honest opinion.
Manufacturer website:
* click on images to expand

Back when FiiO released their new X7 DAP, I didn’t realize that after finishing up my review I will continue to revisit this product with more follow up reviews.  FiiO was serious about X7 flagship status and continues to release additional accessories (sticker skins, tempered glass, leather and pleather cases), docking amp (K5), amplifier modules (AM2 and AM5), and now even a Bluetooth remote controller - everything to enhance the looks, functionality, and usability of this premium DAP.
Why Bluetooth controller?  X7 is already equipped with hardware transport/volume buttons so you don’t have to turn the screen on to change the volume or to skip/pause tracks.  When X7 is in your hands – remote control is not necessary.  But when you have it docked w/K5 while relaxing at your desk with a favorite pair of full size cans, sometime you don’t feel like getting off your lazy behind to skip tracks.  Or maybe you have X7 paired up with your Bluetooth wireless speaker and chilling on the couch where you want to control the playback remotely.  Or perhaps you have your X7 clamped on a dashboard of your car, playing tunes during your commute where it’s not safe to reach out to skip through your playlist.  In all these situations having a wireless remote is very convenient.  That’s where RM1 comes into play.
Unboxing and accessories.
Just like with all of their audio gear, you can always expect a quality packaging when it comes to FiiO products.  RM1 arrived in a sturdy hard cardboard box with a clear and up to scale picture of RM1 inside of the remote holder, though I didn’t know it was a holder and assumed it was the actual size of the whole remote.  On the back of the box you get an image of RM1 next to X7 docked with K5 and another one with RM1 attached to a steering wheel, but this time with a different round holder.
Taking the top cover off the box revealed the actual size and shape of RM1 which turns out to be a small round media control remote.  As a matter of fact, after some on-line searching I found that RM1 is actually a re-branded Satechi remote called a media button.  I have reviewed many different smartphone accessories in the past, and this is definitely among the smallest and the lightest I have tested.
With RM1 out of the box, I also found detailed instructions, a rectangular remote handle mount holder, a car steering wheel mount holder, a lanyard, and a bonus battery in addition to one already installed.  That’s a lot of accessories for an “accessory”, and I was actually impressed that FiiO offers all this for $20 since I found this remote under the original Satechi name being sold for at least $30 or more.
Both remote mount holders where made out of rubbery material with a good grip and a nice tight secure fit with RM1.  Due to RM1 small size, remote holder literally turns this round coin device into a small rectangular remote, making it easier to handle.  Steering wheel mount has a flexible hook on the back to attach to any steering wheel – a universal car mount.  Lanyard becomes a convenient wrist strap attached to a strap lug on the side of RM1.  Depending on how and where you decide to use RM1 – you have different mounting options to choose from.
fiio_rm1-01_zpsqbjlnpug.jpg fiio_rm1-02_zpsa8movsno.jpg
fiio_rm1-03_zpsonmzwqse.jpg fiio_rm1-04_zpsvrgjdhst.jpg
fiio_rm1-05_zpsv0zqve0t.jpg fiio_rm1-06_zpsaa7hkdp5.jpg
Lanyard attachment.
fiio_rm1-14_zpsequ1xh4f.jpg fiio_rm1-15_zpsna0cdl7e.jpg
Remote holder attachment.
fiio_rm1-16_zpsq1dvspyt.jpg fiio_rm1-17_zpsanthf9vf.jpg
Steering wheel attachment.
fiio_rm1-18_zpsfqkjuaop.jpg fiio_rm1-19_zpsmyabvqfd.jpg
Design and operation.
I already mentioned that RM1 is very small and round.  We are talking about 35mm in diameter and only 7.8mm in thickness, all weighting 10g including battery.  And speaking of battery, it uses a common CR2016 size button-type lithium 3V battery you can find anywhere on-line for $3-$4 per pack of five.   FiiO estimates battery life to be approximately 1 month, so in theory an annual supply of RM1 batteries should cost you around $10.
I know some people prefer a rechargeable battery because we're used to having it in most of our gadgets.  And many probably will consider a battery replacement to be a chore.  But with RM1 – adding a rechargeable battery means increasing the size and the weight of the remote, and probably cutting down the battery life by half.  So yes, battery replacement is inconvenient, but there are also benefits in using it with RM1.  Plus, the replacement itself is very easy - access the battery cover on the back where there is a notch to turn and pop it open.
The top of the remote has a round sealed rubbery d-pad with a tactile response of 5 physical push-button contacts with Play/Pause in the middle, and volume up/down and track skip next/prev around it.  Everything was clearly labeled, and when I use RM1 inserted in a holder I make sure that volume up/down is aligned vertically and track skip is aligned horizontally for a more logical operation.  There was also a blue led indicator when power is on.
On the back, in addition to battery cover door, you will also find a tiny Power/Pairing button.  It is VERY small and you will need to use your nail to press it.  I know there is a very limited room for a bigger size button, and also you don’t want the button to stick out too much because it will interfere with holders.  But at the same time, you only need to pair up RM1 once thus don't have to deal with this power button every time.  And with a sleep timer, approximately after 10-11min of remote being inactive – you don’t even have to turn it off.
After a quick pair up and connection, the operation is very simple.   You press Play/Pause to start/stop playback, press Next/Prev buttons to skip or to restart the track, and short press Volume to change the loudness one click at a time or long press to do it continuously.  This pair up and operation is not only for X7.  Because this is a universal Bluetooth Remote control, it should work with any smartphone or tablet device.  I had it paired up with my Note 4 and was able to control the volume and playback of everything from YT and MX Player to a stock Samsung medial player and Neutron MP.  And there was no issue pairing RM1 and Bluetooth speaker simultaneously to be able to control everything remotely.
fiio_rm1-08_zpsvjwj2oei.jpg fiio_rm1-09_zps4xmc2abr.jpg
fiio_rm1-10_zpsdelcxmtr.jpg fiio_rm1-11_zpsiw15m7ta.jpg
fiio_rm1-12_zpskbkf9i6z.jpg fiio_rm1-13_zpsgmes90ls.jpg
Pair-up and operation.
fiio_rm1-22_zpsdxh24xhm.jpg fiio_rm1-25_zpsquhnvk8p.jpg
fiio_rm1-24_zpsrcu02kxi.jpg fiio_rm1-23_zpspydgyobm.jpg
Is this a must have accessory for X7?  I actually think it’s a cool accessory for any smartphone or tablet, not just X7.  While using X7 when you have it in your hands, you don’t really need the remote.  But when you have X7 docked away or paired up with a wireless speaker – this remote becomes very convenient.  Even so RM1 doesn’t have the most durable built, it gains extra armor of protection when used with different holders.  Also, dealing with a replacement battery is inconvenient, but it keeps the device very small and lightweight, plus the battery last almost a month and the replacement is dirt cheap.  If I would suggest changing anything, it would be to make Power/Pair-up button bigger.
Oh this thing is cool as wants!