FiiO D5 USB Digital Audio Decoder With Headphone Amp and Dual Microphone Inputs

General Information

D5 is an advanced multifunction USB audio interface. When connected to a computer, it works both as a high quality external sound card and a dual microphone input interface. It is therefore ideal for enjoyment of high fidelity audio playback, making voice recordings, and usage with network voice applications.

Feature Highlights
- USB interface provides dual direction audio input and output.
- USB powered with no need for external power supply; safe and convenient.
- 26-Level electronic volume control with mute function.
- High performance headphone amplification.
- Dual microphone inputs.
- Microphone mute function.
- Stereo LINE OUT output for connection with amplifier or active speakers.
- Automatically mutes LINE OUT when headphones are connected.
- RCA coaxial output for convenient connection to external DAC for better sound quality.
- LED indicator lights for microphone mute and device status.

What's in the box
- FiiO D5
- USB Cable
- User's manual

- Power supply: Standard USB
- Output amplitude: 1.5 Vrms(0dB Fs)
- Sample rate(USB): 48K/44.1K 16 Bit (Playback & Recording)
- Coaxial output: Stereo PCM
- Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
- SNR: ?95dB(MUTE)
- Crosstalk: ?65dB
- Total harmonic distortion: ?70dB(-3dBr)


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