FIIL T1XS Ceramic White True Wireless TWS Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds - Reviews
Silky smooth upgrade on the T1X with a lightweight case and classy finish
Pros: Sound Quality, Fit, Ergonomics, Isolation, Portability
Cons: No ANC at a relatively high price point, Mic not the best, No official app support on Global app (yet)
How I review:

Sound Quality

What I measure here is the subjective and objective. I listen to a few key tracks, some FLAC, some bad quality mp3's, streaming services, audio books and tracks I know have been so badly produced they will probably clip the top or the bottom end. Usually I listen to one album in particular on FLAC, which I know very well, and also Bolero, which again I also know inside out.

I then test a few key variables such as FR and Spectral Flatness using an acoustic mic setup. Some others too, but I won't go into detail unless it's necessary.

I do this just for confirmation of what I'm hearing. I'm not Scarbir, I'm not The Sound Guys. I have a demanding day job, study, and have three kids, so no long essays in these reviews.

Microphone Quality

I conduct a few different tests, as follows:

Indoor, static, silence
Indoor, static, ambient noise 40-60 dB-A
Indoor, static, high frequency ambient noise
Indoor, static, low frequency ambient noise

All of the above but moving
All of the above moving away from the receiver

Outdoor, static, ambient noise 40-80db
Outdoor, moving, ambient noise 40-80db
Outdoor, under a nearby railway bridge where lorries pass through

All are recorded for 1-3 minutes for future comparisons. I look for voice clarity, voice clarity among noise and glitches.


Stock tips
Spinfit Silicones
INAIRS foam tips
ikko i-planet foam tips

ANC (where applicable)

As per the call quality tests, I usually test the ANC at the same time, looking for low and high frequency performance as well as my pet peeve, vertigo and jawache.


I use earbuds in four activities - calls, exercise, commute and relaxing. All three are taken into consideration to try to find the use case, as finding the perfect earbud is, lets face it, never going to happen.


I find most perform almost identically, but do the usual walk test, especially around congested 2,4ghz wifi areas. I leave a router on 40MHz just in case it messes with it, why the hell not?!

Ok, so onto the review:

Model: FIIL T1XS

Price: £54

Vendor: Aliexpress


Manufacturer Blurb:

Headphone material: metal
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Color classification: black/white
Category: true wireless headphones
Waterproof performance: IPX5
Usage: in-ear
Connection method between the left and right cavity of the headset: wireless connection
Dustproof performance: IP5X
Headphone and playback device connection: Bluetooth connection

  • Brand Name: FIIL
  • Model Number: T1XS
  • Control Button: Touch Control, two modes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: No
  • Communication: BT5.0
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Auto ear sensor: Yes
  • Style: In-Ear
  • Codecs: AAC, SBC
  • Support APP: Yes, but app is currently only in Chinese
  • Number Of Drivers:2
  • Drier Diameter: 6.1mm
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Frequency Response Range: 15Hz - 22KHz
  • With Microphone: Yes, Dual mic NR
  • Charging Method: USB-C Charging case
  • Charge Time: Earbuds 45 mins, Case 1 1/2 hours
  • Single Use: 6 hours
  • Playtime with Charge Case: Up to 24 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Case weight: 29g
  • Item weight: 9.6g
What's In The Box:

1 x Charge Case (Micro-USB)
2 x Earbud
1 x USB-C cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Guide
3 x Tips (pairs)
3 x Wings

Real Life Experience

The Unboxing - 8/10



Similar sort of experience to most 'semi-premium' chifi earbuds. The charging case nestles into a soft foam insert, underneath is the plastic insert within which a charging cable (USB-C), a choice of tips and wing-tips, a quick guide (in English and Chinese) and a manual (completely in Chinese)

The Case - 8.5/10



Very portable, and well designed, with a nicely weighted hinge that does not look like breaking any time soon. At just 29g it is 30% lighter than the original T1X case, and over 40% smaller.


They've settled on a slim, bar shape design that is similarly proportioned to the Tronsmart Onyx Free, without the 'UV' feature. Box closes and charges fine wtih ikko i-planet foam tips.


The case is powered by USB-C and supports quick charge. It gives you a total of 24 hours playtime, and the earbuds charge fully in 40-45 minutes.


It is taller than the other 'semi-premium' chifi offerings, but equally portable.

The Ergonomics - 9/10


Firstly, the design is nice. It has a satin finish with grey wing tips.


The driver surround is metallic rather than the usual plastic, but this does not detract from the comfort.



There are microphones on the top and bottom of the outside, and also on the inside, in order to action the noise reduction they advertise. As can be seen above, they differ from the Apollo Bold and Edifier TWS NB2 in size and design - these are quite suitable for sport, albeit with a reduced IP rating of IPX5 compared with many that support between IPX6-IPX8. This is due to the mic array, making them good all-rounders that are not solely designed for sport.


When comparing to similar designed earbuds, the closest equivalents are probably the Tronsmart Free and Whizzer E3. The design perhaps aligns closest to the Whizzer, due to the 'right-angle' connection into the ear canal.


This is perhaps a marginal error, as they are meant to worn at a slight angle to best suit the mic design:


Had they angled them down a little like the Tronsmart, it would facilitate a better fit for the average ear size. These are certainly more suitable for smaller ears.



The first picture demonstrates this clearly. The wing popped out repeatedly due to the awkward shape for my larger than average ears. Luckily, there are additional wings that are slightly longer, helping the fit, but not how the sound is delivered into my ears. I recommend for people with larger ears to use them in this way:


On the plus side, they seal magnificently with foam tips, giving excellent passive noise isolation. On a windy day here in the UK I couldn't hear any wind or passing traffic, which was similar to the Whizzer. The app supposedly allows you to manage how much ambient noise is filtered through.

Sound Quality - 9/10 (for the price paid), 8.5/10 (raw score)

It is always a difficult balance reviewing raw sound quality against intermediate sound quality (i.e. sound quality against price). These were particularly difficult to judge, because whilst their sound signature is not my favourite, I cannot argue against how balanced and smooth they sound.

The frequency range is advertised as 15Hz to 22KHz, and objective testing revealed that they do notch a little later than the majority of earbuds.

This doesn't mean the trebles are over-emphasised - quite the contrary, it gives the mids room to breath. With some tracks, the Whizzer E3 initially sounded better, or at least to my personal preference. It's not until you listen to a wide range of music styles you realise these are in a completely different league. Low and high mids are delivered effortlessly, no matter how complex the track, setting them apart them from the majority of buds at this price point - the clarity and separation is outstanding, regardless of music style and vocal type. They get even better with foam tips, where the soundstage seems to expand even further. With FLAC testing on Windows - again, they just got better and better.

The app allows you to EQ the sound. I hate EQ'ing - I prefer the default, but with these, the 'bass' signature positions them towards my liking.

Call Quality - Indoors - 7.5/10, Outdoors - 6.5/10

There is clearly some noise cancelling going on with the mic array. They are much better at filtering out the low end. Adult voices indoors are evidently muffled, children's voices not so well.

Outdoors, whilst wind is not prominent, you can clearly hear passing traffic, but your voice is natural and audible with no connectivity drops.

In the battle of the triumvirate, they are not quite as good as the Apollo Bold, and nowhere near as good as the TWS NB2, but much better than most, and offer a good balance for multiple use cases.

Connectivity, Controls and Other Features - 8/10

Connectivity is strong. No issues at all whether indoors or outdoors.

There are 'gaming' modes and a number of other features available, but, here's the problem - the app is in Chinese only. You can still make some adjustments using the global app and registering them as T1X, but seemingly not the Chinese announcements. This gets round the initial perceived inability to change the volume through touch control, because for some reason, FIIL made the decision to ship these by default in 'easy' mode, which only allows you to skip tracks, so you have to switch it in the app.

They support auto pause when removed from your ear, adjustable sensitivity modes, low-latency mode and three basic equaliser presets. Once the app eventually makes it into English, more features will be available,including 10 EQ presets, further latency modes, and full sensitivity adjustment, as well as a pass-through slider.

Bluetooth tweaker revealed some oddities. On SBC they have reduced the Bitpool differential by reducing the max bitpool from 2 to 8. This meant that I was able to achieve the lowest latency I've ever tested - 850ms.

Interestingly, these do not support MPEG-4 AAC LC - only MPEG-2 AAC-LC. This means they are able to up the bit rate to 393,216 - roughly the equivalent to Aptx.

Battery Life - 8/10

6 hours as standard, I got just over 5 on one earbud, the other drained a little quicker.

Charge case gives you around 24 hours. Supports quick charge as stated - 40 minutes to charge the headphones fully.

Final Comments

I didn't try the T1X until quite a long time after they were released. They were pretty good, but not as good as they were hyped up to be in my opinion.

The T1XS live up to the hype. The sound signature is magnificent for the price, and unlike the Apollo Bold and Edifier TWS NB2, they are great all-rounders - you can use them for sport with no fear of them popping out with the array of tips, as well as a daily commute. They are good for youtube videos and not bad as a headset for calls provided you aren't subjected to lots of chatting and other ambient noises.

The lack of app support and the fact they are still talking to me in Chinese could be better, but the latter is my problem - not FIIL's.

Absence of ANC is the only negative, but the passive noise isolation is not that much worse than Edifiers ANC.

The biggest plus point is sound quality at this price. For who use them for music, you will love them.

Price Weighted Score: 88%

Raw Score: 86%
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Thanks for the fresh take on these! I'm considering sending $55 AliExpress' way to buy a pair, but both Shanling and Moondrop are hinting at releasing new TWS soon.

If you've tried either of the Galaxy Buds, would you consider these to be an improvement sonically?
I keep reading and seing reviews where they claim that these are worse in terms of sound quality compared to the FIIL's such a hard call, which one to choose...