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Pros: Detailed with large bass and sub bass rumble
Cons: Slightly lacking in resolution.Distortion at times..

- Spacious. Open. Instruments sound like they are surrounded by a large reflective space full of air. Good reproduction of high frequency reflections. High frequency response extends to 15 or 20 kHz.

Ambience - Impression of an acoustic space, such as the performing hall in which a recording was made.

Analytical - Highly detailed.

Articulate - Intelligibility of voice(s) and instruments and the interactions between them.

Attack - The leading edge of a note and the ability of a system to reproduce the attack transients in music.

Bassy - Emphasized Bass.

Boomy - Excessive bass around 125 Hz. Poorly damped low frequencies or low frequency resonances.

Breathy - Audible breath sounds in woodwinds and reeds such as flute or sax. Good response in the upper mids or highs.

Bright - A sound that emphasizes the upper midrange/lower treble. Harmonics are strong relative to fundamentals.

Decay - The fadeout of a note, it follows the attack.

Definition (or resolution) - The ability of a component to reveal the subtle information that is fundamental to high fidelity sound.

Delicate - High frequencies extending to 15 or 20 kHz without peaks.

Depth - A sense of distance (near to far) of different instruments.

Detail - The most delicate elements of the original sound and those which are the first to disappear with lesser equipment.

Fast - Good reproduction of rapid transients which increase the sense of realism and "snap".

Grip - A sense of control and sturdiness in the bass.

Headstage - The perception of the Soundstage while listening to headphones.

Juicy - Sound that has joie de vivre, energy and life.

Lush - Very Rich/Full.

Puffy - A bump in the response around 500 Hz.

Punchy - Good reproduction of dynamics. Good transient response, with strong impact. Sometimes a bump around 5 kHz or 200 Hz.

Range - The distance between the lowest and highest tones.

Rich - See Full. Also, having euphonic distortion made of even order harmonics.

Round - High frequency rolloff or dip. Not edgy.

Tubby - Having low frequency resonances as if you're singing in a bathtub

Wet - A reverberant sound, something with decay. Opposite of Dry.

Weighty - Good low frequency response below about 50 Hz. A sense of substance and underpinning produced by deep, controlled bass. Suggesting an object of great weight or power, like a diesel locomotive.

[Sound signature]

Balanced, large and weighty and full. They have the same articulation of the earlier variant. Its still early days for this review as I've not had these for long. They are still burning in I've played various styles of music and they come across largely as having a Digital -like signature as compared to the older variant which Is more analogy sounding, they seem to be slightly picky when it comes to quality of the source file used. More of a Warm-Balanced V_U shape sound. Moderately holographic and revealing .Resonably well articulated with clear distinction of the highs mids and lows. The sound signature can can be positioned in between the clear graphene and the earlier EMX 500

[Mid Bass]

Punchy, Impactful (when the track calls for it). Feels like you're overwhelmed by it, there is copious amount of mid bass present, but they lack in definition. The bass tend to creep up to the mids at high volume. They have a bass that’s identical to the older variant but larger and with more presence. Bass is more rounded full and has good average rumble at times. however they may lack slightly in detail or transparency depending ont he quality of source used.

[Sub Bass]

It present as an extension of the mid bass punch. When the sound calls for it they dig quite deep just like the older variant but with a bit of crunch and rough texture to them to give a visceral feel to the music.The sub bass is present and resolving to certain a extent.


A different story here. Mids. are actually present, neither forward nor recessed but they lack slightly in definition and transparency and clarity. The earlier variant has a slightly better transparent mid due to their forward signature when it’s called for. Vocals are thick and rounded. But changes after more burn in and became slightly more flat and forward presence.


Good quality and clear. Present with a signature that is in between sparkly and sweet but smoother and resolving than the earlier variants. They are present and clear. No sibilance and no harshness with average good definition. They have slightly more weighty and roundness that the older variant which has more sparkle. Here the signature is softer but it is hardly noticeable. The difference is the crisp that the older variant has. However, both are airy. Highs are reasonably clear and open.


Similar to eh earlier variant but larger in terms of height. The older variant has a more forward based signature (as in the sound being in front of u) while this one has more behind your head presence. Quite impressive. Detail is reasonably good but not fantastic Together that with a overall clear presentation and bass impact. The soundstage is enveloping but isn’t massively out of your head from left-right but more intimate in terms of depth. its more than above average.


Overall a bang for the buck in the $20 category,


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