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Custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth drivers with Groove-tuned port 3D-printed DHT shell...

Fender FXA2 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones, Black


  • Custom 9.25mm precision rare-earth drivers with Groove-tuned port
    3D-printed DHT shell fits 95-percent of ears for a custom-like experience
    6Hz-23kHz frequency response for lifelike sound reproduction
    112dB at 1mW sensitivity for distortion-free audio
    Includes deluxe carrying case, SureSeal tips, cleaning tool and cable

Recent Reviews

  1. FastAndClean
    Great bassy in ear
    Written by FastAndClean
    Published Oct 19, 2016
    Pros - deep powerful bass, warm creamy mids, natural sounding treble without harshness, amazing isolation
    Cons - not for those looking for flat sound
    Set-up: Magni 2, AudioQuest DragonFly 1.2
    Packaging and build
    packaging is good, they arrived in plastic box, inside the box they have carrying case, silicon tips, cleaning tool(inside the carrying case), start guide and warranty card
    Build is solid plastic, nice enough, they feel solid in the hand

    Fit and comfort
    To get a good fit is easy for me with FXA2, they have ergonomic shape, that makes them very comfortable, i prefer deep fit with them and i use Sony xba 10 c tips, stock tips are not properly salutet.


    I had FXA7 before the FXA2, I liked the fxa7 but they had some flaws that was not acceptable for me at 500us price range.The mids was recessed, the treble was roll off early, and they had grain in the upper mid/lower treble. The fxa2 have fuller mids and better treble than fxa7, that was pleasant surprise for me because i got them for bass heavy music.

    Bass: Bass is the strong point, it is deep and powerful, there's no roll off at the lowest octave at all, the biggest rise in the bass is in sub bass region which is spectacular for bass lovers, they have a lot of punch as well, true subwoofer experiense.
    Control of the bass is very good considering the quantity, is still quality bass, fxa7 have better control but less quantity.
    Texture is good and instruments like bass guitars and drums sound dramatic and powerful, real treat.
    Without eq they are bassy but not in the bass head territory, however they respond extremely well to eq and can easily turn to basshead IEM

    Mids: Mids are warm and creamy, they are little bit forward but not to much, there is no upper mid peaks, lower mids are a little bit thick,overall mids are clear and romantic, the voice of Sara K sound absolutely beautiful on them.

    Treble: the treble sound clean and very natural, the difference from fxa7 are clear here, treble extend to about 14 khz on test tones, it has very nice sparkle but it is never harsh, they are not bright not dark, just the right amount of clean treble.

    Soundstage: Soundstage has good width, it is not very deep, voices sound more intimate, but the width is good, above average, fxa7 has bigger and better soundstage by comparison, imaging is good, instrument placement are clear inside the soundstage.

    Isolation: Isolation is amazing, with deep fit isolation is comparable to Etymotic er4s, i was really surprised because they are ported design.

    Amping: They are easy to drive but with my magni 2 control of the bass was better in comparison with dragonfly alone.

    conclusion: I like them very much, i got them second hand for 100 dollars and for that price they are amazing, i thing for the asking price of 200 they are still good value considering the sound and overall package. They are a lot stronger value than the fxa7, for sure.


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