FEDAI DX2 in Ear Monitor

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Bass focused budget.
Pros: Lightweight, low cost and fun
Cons: The cable is just adequate.

Product Information
Drive unit:11mm moving coil unit.
Interface type :3.5mm/Type-C gold-plated plug

The Fedai DX2 comes in a familiar case much like most ultra budget IEM it is small but this one is well decorated.
Inside you get three sizes of generic Starline tips, a cable similar to the old CCA ones and the units that look familiar too. Build is decent and isolation was average. I did find them comfortable and light. It is easy to drive despite low sensitivity.

The Sub-Bass is powerful, but the Mid-Bass is more in front and has more boom to the mix. Bass is well textured and warm.
Midrange is Warm and thick bodied, with some recession and smooth details, vocals sound pleasant and are positioned slightly forward with a good smoothness.
The highs have energy and sparkle, but details are smooth and relaxed.

Stage: is above in width and average in technicalities having a decent separation and accurate imaging but is far from a technical monster.

The Fedai DX2 is a super inexpensive IEM with a detachable cable and a fun V-shaped signature. It reminds me much of my old KZ ZST pro but with better control in both lower and upper frequencies.

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