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FAAEAL Datura Pro

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    - Dynamic
    - Impedance: 16 Ω
    - Sensitivity: 106 dB
    - Frequency range: 18 - 20000Hz

Recent Reviews

  1. baskingshark
    Midcentric Gem
    Written by baskingshark
    Published Jan 13, 2020
    Pros - Excellent timbre/tonality.
    Lush mids - great for vocals.
    Above average soundstage.
    Very good technicalities (imaging, clarity, details, instrument separation).
    Non fatiguing, no harsh peaks in tuning - very good for long listening sessions.
    Minimal sibilance.
    Good build with well braided and thick cable.
    Cons - Lacking bass quantity and extension.
    Lacking treble sparkle.
    Non detachable cable.
    I bought the Datura Pro from Aliexpress (via FAAEAL lucky bag) at my own expense. I'm not affiliated to any company or review site/blog.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-13 at 20.24.25.jpeg

    - Driver: Dynamic
    - Sensitivity: 106dB
    - Frequency response: 18Hz - 20kHz
    - Impedence: 16Ω
    - Cable: non detachable

    In addition to the earbud, it comes with:
    - semi rigid case
    - shirt clip
    - multiple full foams and donut foams of different thickness

    WhatsApp Image 2020-01-13 at 20.24.26.jpeg

    The Datura Pro is made of sturdy metal and the shell is of good quality. Nevertheless it is still light and comfortable. I can wear it for hours with no issues.

    The cable is non detachable. Fortunately, the cable is well built, well braided, very thick, non tangly and non microphonic.
    The Datura Pro can be worn cable down or over ear. There's no left/right marking on the earbud, but a horizontal indentation on the stem of the left side earbud is the only indication that it is the left earpiece.

    Like other earbuds, isolation is a weakness compared to IEMs. As such, it's best suited for home use, both to preserve good sound quality, and to protect one's hearing from jacking up the volume outdoors due to the poor isolation.

    Above average width.

    I tested the Datura Pro with a Desktop -> Khadas Tone Board -> Fiio A3 and Android smartphone and Ziku HK-X9. The Datura Pro is drivable from smart phones but definitely scales better with a DAC/AMP (in terms of dynamics, soundstage and details).

    The Datura Pro is a warm, somewhat neutralish set, with boosted mids. The timbre and tonality are excellent, with thicker than average note weight and texturing. As such, it is a good set for vocals. Acoustic instruments sound very well rendered on the Datura Pro. Technicalities (imaging, clarity, details, instrument separation) are very good, but not classleading (I would say the BK2 has better technicalities at this price range).

    Midbass and subbass quantity is lacking on the Datura Pro, with quite a marked subbass rolloff below 60 Hz. Luckily the Datura Pro takes very well to EQ, so no biggie boosting the bass for the bass (I'm a basshead). The bass is of good quality though, with good speed and texture. It smears minimally during complex bass movements. I did not hear any midbass bleed. Due to the lack of bass, it may not be an all rounder for every genre.

    Mids are my favourite aspect of the Datura Pro. It has boosted mids that makes vocals the highlight of the music, imparting good details and good timbre to voices. The lower mids are thick and lush.

    There's a slight boost at the lower treble region; it rolls off towards the higher treble regions, but still retains quite good details in the treble region. Cymbals are not splashy and sound quite well replicated. I'm borderline treble sensitive and I like the Datura Pro's treble, but trebleheads may not like it due to the lack of airiness/sparkle. I feel there's gonna be a tradeoff for having a non fatiguing listen versus sibilance and brightness, so one has to choose your poison. Sibilance is minimal, and it is quite suited for long chill listening sessions.

    The Datura Pro is a great earbud that has good timbre/tonality and is a midcentric gem. It's not an all rounder due to it's tuning (rolled off bass/higher treble), but vocal lovers will love it. As such, I wouldn't recommend it for trebleheads and bassheads, but this set takes well to EQ.

    Due to the lush mids and comfortable fit, I've fallen asleep with it in my ears on more than one occasion! It's great for chill, non fatiguing listening sessions especially for jazz and vocals, and will be a keeper set for me.


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