Etymotic Research ETY-COM ER22-C Noise-Isolating Mobile Phone Headset - Retail Packaging - Black

General Information

Etymotic Research combined its noise-isolating earphone and noise-rejecting directional microphone technologies to produce the most technically advanced headset of its kind. The insert earphone optimizes sound quality and noise isolation, and the close-talking directional microphone allows you to speak softly for greater privacy. With the ETY.COM, clear two-way conversation is possible in very high levels of background noise. Your purchase includes the ETY.COM headset, a 4 foot cord with 3-conducter 2.5 mm plug, and shirt clip. You'll also receive assorted ear tips so you maximize your wearing comfort, replacement filter and filter changing tool, two windscreens, large and small, and a VoIP adapter. The VoIP adapter has two standard 3.5 mm plugs with conventional color coding: pink for mic and green for earphone jacks.


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