Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones (White)

General Information

Product Name: ER6I-B Isolator EarphoneMarketing Information: 6i Isolator Earphone are designed specifically for use with the Apple iPod and other small portable players, providing greater sound output and enhanced bass. Highly accurate music reproduction with greater sound output and enhanced bass and exceptional noise isolationProduct Type: EarphoneTechnical InformationConnectivity Technology: Cable 5 ftEarpieceDesign Type: Ear-bud Binaural Interfaces/PortsInterfaces: 3.5 mm Stereo Plug Physical CharacteristicsWeight: < 1 oz WarrantyStandard Warranty: 1 Year(s)

Latest reviews

Pros: Price, Fit, Sound
Cons: I found better, more expensive IEM's
I owned these for years; and they, along with a JDS labs CMOY amp and my iPod, were my daily commute set-up.  They offered everything I wanted in a portable rig; great fit, excellent noise reduction, superb and natural sound.  I liked the small size, and the fact that they were barely noticeable when worn correctly.  I replaced them after a few years with a pair of Shures that sounded even better; but cost 3x as much.
I would agree with you. I use to have a pair for the gym. They were always blasting music which I didn't care for so I bought the 6i's. They cut out the sound and at the time provided great SQ.  I think they were pretty inexpensive back then, sub-$100.
Pros: Great sound
Cons: Been surpassed
These were my first real earphones, and I bought them entirely because they'd been spreading like a plague on a forum I used. Upon first hearing them I was disappointed, but over time they grew on me, and until upgrading to the ER4, they were a firm favourite. Some of my friends couldn't get the fuss, nor understand why anybody would spend a hundred bucks on iPod earphones, but then again they were and are still listening to fake Sonys off eBay with the bass turned to 11.
The bass on these isn't room shaking, but it is present and accurate. If you want massive bass, then there's plenty of multi armature or on-ear options, but to be frank, massive bass is felt as much as it is heard, so bass music is best left to subwoofers, and accurate reproduction left to headphones, which these excel at.
For my first real audiophile product, I think these were a great introduction to how music should sound.
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Pros: Excellent isolation. Ive used these for shooting earplugs.
Cons: Could be uncomfortable for some. Bass heavy.
Theres not a ton to say. They work pretty good, isolate ~30 dB if i recall and if you have the proper tips to fit your ears, youll be able to wear them for hours, which is good if youre using them like I was, running a floor grinding machine for 16 hours a day. Just clean them once in a while, or they'll start to look like candles. 


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