estron a/s Linum Super BaX earphone cable 0.75 Ohm Will come in 2pin 0.78mm / T2 / MMCX earphone connectors versions

estron Linum Super BaX

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  • The Linum BaX cables had 1.5 Ohm, the Linum Super BaX boast 0.75 Ohm per conductor and double the tensile strength of the original and a tangle free experience.

    They are about be released to the public. The Super BaX will come initially in with an angled 3.5mm TRS single ended plug with MMCX or 2pin (0.78mm) IEM connector versions. The Linum T2 will follow. The Super Balanced version in 2.5mm TRRS is also going to be released in the future.
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  1. Ike1985
    "Linum Super Bax: Most Comfortable Cable"
    Pros - Comfort, Airiness, Sub Bass extension, Stage Width, Sparkly Highs
    Cons - Layering and Separation, Metallic Shimmer May Be Too Much For Some
    Product Introduction


    Linum has always been a company that heavily focused on ergonomics and comfort with regard to their cables. The Super BaX is the pinnacle of this philosophy. Linum says the Super BaX is ideal for multi driver IEMs and IEMs with low output impedance. It’s available in both MMCX and 2 pin connections. The 3.5mm connection is right angled to reduce stress. The composition of the wire is silver plated copper Litz. I will be pairing the Super Bax with my Chord Mojo, A18 and A12.

    Technical Specifications


    Sound Analysis


    The most immediately noticeable aspect of the Super BaX’s signature for me was the shimmer. It seemed to cast a shiny metallic shimmer over the upper mids and highs. It remains an overall warm cable with a very dark background against which it casts this shimmer. If you are someone sensitive to sparkly highs this is something to remember. If you prefer shimmering highs you will love the Super Bax. The airiness of the sound was the next most immediately noticeable change in sound. This airiness will result in a thinning of the fullness of notes but an expansive soundstage will be gained. All of the sound seems to tighten up with the Super Bax. It also increases mid and sub (moreso) bass quantity.



    The Super Bax will make the stage of your IEM larger especially with regard to width. Depth and height are average as I find the cable highly favors width. This width favoritism can tend to cause compression in the X axis. Imagine you a recording wherein there is a guitarist and a flute player. They are both to the right of the stage but the flute player is a few more feet right of the guitarist. The space between them is somewhat compressed with the Super Bax, an effect I have documented on all my IEMs.

    Resolution and Imaging

    The brightness the Super Bax imparts to the upper mids and highs results in more texture being revealed in these regions. High hat extension is more apparent and textured. I don’t find much change with regard to definition in the other frequencies.

    Layering and Separation

    I heard the Linum Bax degrade the layering and separation of my A18’s while improving it on the A12’s so this seems to be monitor dependent.

    High Frequencies

    Upper mids and highs shimmer with metallic brightness against a warm background which makes their shimmering/sparkling all the more apparent.

    Middle Frequencies/Vocals

    The airiness of the cable makes the mids thinner but not in the sense of a recession, the notes are just lighter sounding.

    Low Frequencies

    Tone is deeper on both mid and sub bass but more so in the sub bass region. This creates the characteristic warmth and dark background of the Super Bax. Sub bass becomes a larger player in the sound and as a result the sound becomes more dynamic.


    Unparalleled. This cable weighs 8 grams and is extremely soft to the touch. I don’t think much else needs to be said in this regard, if you want a cable that disappears this is it.


    Effect Audio Thor

    Most noticeable is the Thor’s approach to airiness, which is opposite the Super BaX’s approach. The Thor has a thicker, fuller sound than the Super Bax. Mids are full and rich on Thor while sub bass goes deeper than Super Bax and both mid and sub bass have more authority on Thor. Layering and separation are better on Thor while Super Bax wins with regard to airiness and treble sparkle.



    A bit more sub bass, worse layering and separation in the X axis, the high end is too bright for me as the metallic sparkle and shimmer is almost painful.


    The A12 is already a very airy monitor, add to that the ADEL modules which are known for their air and then on top of that add the Super Bax and you have one of the airiest IEM signatures in the world. I was not a fan of it, the notes were too thin and it was difficult to hear detail at the edges of the stage. Layering and separation was ok, the Super Bax made the already black background of the A12 into a bottom less black hole.

    With the apex M15 module the pairing is much better as A12 brightens up, presents more detail and sounds more balanced. It was still to airy for my tastes but the Super Bax did a good job adding weight, extension and brightness to the upper mids and highs making the A12 apex more balanced.


    The Super Bax is a cable that you will notice an immediate difference with. It has a very dark background and a very airy sound overall. Highs and upper mids will gain emphasis while sub bass gets deeper in tone. The stage is width dominant with average separation within the X axis. I recommended this cable for people who want to increase the presence of upper mids and highs without sacrificing the low end and who enjoy an overall airy signature.
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  2. Cagin
    "Linum Super BaX: Ideal for consistent carry"
    Pros - Truly tangle free
    Excellent low microphonics
    Good clean neutral sound
    Cons - Quite expensive
    No strain relief combined with tensile strength risks
    The luxurious pleasure of ultra portable audio heaven. Empire Zeus R ciems, Linum Super BaX and Sony WM1A.

    This review might be unorthodox. I will do my best to make it relatable.

    Now, I'm going straight to it and show you what using the Linum BaX meant for my every day consistent carry habit. Look below:

    Yup! That's how close to consistent concealed carry as it can get people! By using the Super BaX I could fit them without any hassle into my ACS Pro17 earplug case which fits into my jeans pocket. Ultra portability achieved.

    Stick around for the reasoning :)

    Product page:

    Official Linum Super BaX cable
    • Available connector types: MMCX, 2Pin
    • Termination: 3.5 TRS (90° angled)
    • Silver plated copper litz wires
    • Quad twisted - 168 strands
    • Weight: 8-9g
    • Length: 127 cm/50"
    • Impedance: 0.75 Ω
    • Pull strength of cable: 120 N/26lbs
    • Microphonics: Almost none

    I've received a Linum Super BaX cable as part of a review tour. Now I don't know the why and how of it, maybe the conjunction of Easter holidays and me being the last of the group, I got to spend about 23-24 days with them.
    I was offered to buy them which I declined. But only because at this price, I rather want them perfectly suited to my current usage, so I'll try my luck and await a potential 4.4mm TRRRS Linum Super Balanced offering.

    My curiosity and interest in Linum Super BaX started back around 2015. Fellow head-fier Sorensiim had made a tour visit at Estron a/s Linum HQ itself where the Super BaX prototyping process was well underway.
    In August 2015 I got to meet Allan Sørrig, co-owner of Estron at the Linum booth of the first CanJam London. I got to try out the Linum BaX and 2 Linum Super BaX prototypes, the 3.5mm TRS and 3.5mm TRRS, on my Sony ZX2 at the time on Cosmic Ears CE6P uiems demo units at the same table. My feedback of that should be accessible in the CanJam London2015 impressions thread.
    I've been on the waiting list ever since for acquiring one.

    My current collection consists of these:


    Cables from left to right: Norne Audio Therium 8 conductor 4.4mm TRRRS, Linum BaX 3.5mm TRS, Empire Ears stock quad SPC 3.5mm TRS
    Case from left to right: Pelican Micro 1010, Earwerks softcase, Linum Super BaX case, ACS Pro17 plug case, Trinity Audio Delta case

    Only the 2 cases on the right could fit into a jeans pocket. So wearing a jacket, coat, manbag or backpack is necessary.

    The Earwerkz soft case doesn't have enough room to fit my 4.4mm balanced cables reliably in there. Too much of a tight space for the ciems.
    It'd be fine if they were 4x26awg conductors though.

    The Peli 1010 is crush proof and watertight, best protection possible for transport no doubt; provided you pad the clear side too in order to prevent any banging damage to the faceplates/shell. Ample room.

    The Linum Super BaX case has 3 + 2 small pockets. Great for tidy management. Separate your ear tips, the wax removal tool, put in your ear plugs too. So nothing else can fall off when you open your case while walking to put on your earphones or stow them away.
    The Linum case is a bit more compact than my Earwerkz one, but the down side is the side padding is quite thinner. So in my case I'd be wary of putting acrylic iems in there. Potential pressure to the middle of the case could crack them.

    Ample room indeed. More robust universal IEMs would be preferred for this use. Or just mindful carrying. But why the risk right?

    Entering the fray, the small ear plug case, like a lovechild of the Linum case:


    *2017 Wish* To see and own one with a sticker named: 2pin 4.4mm TRRRS, with serial #00001 :ksc75smile:


    Alright now look again to this picture above. The side linings are the same. Thinner than the Earwerkz one. But the difference here, is that since the width of the left one is much narrower, it's actually tremendously more robust against top and bottom pressure. I can't squeeze the middle when the case is closed unless I press like a madman and then it's only the very center that gives in, not the sides where the ciems lie. Hardened sides are too strong to react to my hand pressure.
    So in effect, my tiniest case is the 2nd most resilient one after the hard shelled Peli 1010 ^^
    Disclaimer: I ain't saying they'd resist against me biggie 120kg sittin on em of course. That'd be the job for Peli haha


    Linum provides a very nice magnetic tie for cable management. It 'clips' nicely to the Linum case pockets too.
    The Y splitter is optimal. Light and sturdy plastic. The chin slider works well. Slides up easily, and stays in place, so it won't fall down by itself because of the tactile rubber aspect of the cable jacket coating. My only issue with using the chin slider I guess is the very light nature of the wires. When you pull it back down, gotta watch out that Left and Right are even, or you bend it too much. No one wants to experience a signal contact loss on expensive after market cables right?



    Gotta admire how low profile the Super BaX is. Aesthetically, I prefer the spiral or helix twist braiding, to round/milloit. While I love flat braiding, it is just too prone to coiling on itself.
    About the angled plug. I got bias for overmolded connectors. I got 0 scientific data to back my hunch. It feels more rugged when engulfed in glue/plastic. It seems cable's weaknesses are at both ends, solder points o strain relief part. But between these two, the Linum Super BaX and the stock cheapo SPC quad cable, both seem ok. I mean if the BaX was overmolded I might've preferred it, but I gotta be real, it's the more fragile -albeit reinforce- nature of the Linum Super BaX cable that will matter more (about 12kg of tensile strength). estron uses silver plated copper with aramid fiber threads to reinforce it. That's how it is so light and slim but still strong enough to prevent breakage.

    I did notice a difference on the other side of the cables between the two:

    IMG_20170424_202041.jpg IMG_20170424_202146.jpg

    The Linum Super BaX doesn't have ear guides, no metal memory wire. This is means more comfort, lighter on the ears and ideal for those wearing glasses.
    If you look closer to the two pictures above, you'll notice that the male 2pin connectors on the Linum don't seem to have this small metal cinch inside wrapped around the 2 signal conductors. My take is that is only used to hold the ear guides tight around the conductors.

    Overall thoughts:

    Price: At about 180euros +25% danish VAT comes around 224euros. It's going to be the most expensive SPC cable you'll possibly own. The sound quality is on par with the $45 stock default quad cable. While the latter is of a small profile too, it's not as thin or light as the Super BaX. The decision will be how much value does one place into the feeling of not feeling wearing a cable.

    The Linum Super BaX has such low microphonics, I can tap or rub the cable right under the ear lobe it won't be distracting while walking. That is a major plus for those listening to music or talks or audio books while walking or running. On this aspect it beat the stock quad cable and my Norne Therium

    Never had any coiling issue or tangled messes. But know that since this is a very light cable, the Left and Right can twist around each other. So it takes an extra moment when you are about to put them on if you're OCD like me about a clean Y splitter ^^

    Comfort: Twisting my head around, almost not feeling I have cables on me. Possibility of storing them in my tiny case for optimal transport.
    Yet there is a funny aspect that forced me to change my habits, I'm used to wearing ear guides. So when I need to talk to someone, I could just untwist my ciems and let them hang on my ears dangling right above them. The ear guides acting like a coat hanger. But this doesn't work at all with the Linum Super BaX. The cable itself is so light that there's nothing countering the weight of the ciems. So if they just slide progressively down my ears which look super silly. And risky too. Cuz they could slide off easier and drop down to the floor. So you got to make sure to completely take em off and put them around the neck.

    The amount of time it took me to remove the 2pins, reconnect to the other cable and plug them in makes any perceivable difference a moot point for me. If I can't notice a clear difference in a normal setting I don't attribute it to the cable. The daily mood/health of a person swings more than the cable's SQ prowess.
    There were clear sound differences between my Norne Therium and the Linum Super BaX, but we're talking about 4.4mm TRRRS balanced circuitry of the Sony WM1A with better components vs 3.5mm TRS singled ended. Not fair.

    So in closing, I'll be waiting some more. If Linum releases a Super BaX 4 conductor with 4.4mm plug or Super Balanced 8 conductor with 4.4plug, I would order one. But I think I'd put a limit of 300eur personally.

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