ESS Mark 1 Stereophones

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  1. Heil Heir
    "Ran a sound test at and will give my results."
    Pros - STAR WARS!
    Cons - Needs more bass.
    Went to, and plugged my ESS Mark 1's into my computer, using an adapter. Here's the results.
    Frequency Response tests; from 10Hz to 200Hz = 50 Hz; from 22KHz to 8KHz = 14KHz.
    Dynamic Range; 42 Db below scale.
    Bass Shaker: No rattle
    Driver Matching = Equally matched on left and right channels. 
    Wiring: Left and right appear just fine. 
    Polarity Center: feels lik it is in between my eyes or in front of me. 
    Polarity Twisted: Feels like it is all over my head or at the base of my neck. 
    Binaural Test: Wooden door knock actually startled me, and seemed to come from over my right shoulder, then over my left shoulder. It did sound like a real wooden door. 
    Favorite Music: I usually use an iPod from 2007 to listen to various rock and country songs, and every once in a while some classical. It sounds pretty darn good, even if it is a digital format (I listen to records on decent speakers when at home).