epz q1

General Information


Item model number: Q1
Plug type: 0.78mm double pin
Mini Jack: 3.5mm
Matching method: wear around the ear
Type: Dynamic Headphones
Conductor: Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Silver Plated
Drive unit: 13mm dual cavity composite dynamic driver
Diaphragm: Polymer titanium-coated composite diaphragm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40KHz
Sensitivity: ≥115dB
Rated impedance: 32Q

Features & details​

  • 13MM DYNAMIC DRIVER AND BALANCED – EPZ Q1 earphones uses large dynamic driver, It adopts high-performance titanium-plated bio-composite diaphragm, N50 high magnetic flux magnetic circuit system, brass suppression ring and other configurations. The strength interprets an amazingly wide sound field, In order to make the listening experience more comfortable, the front and rear cavity balance pressure relief technology is used to adjust the air pressure of the earphone cavity to a balance.
  • DLP-3D PRINTING CUSTOMIZED CANAL COMFORT AND IPX7 WATERPROOF - - imported resin material, using the acoustic cavity made of DLP-3D printing technology, which is only used by other brands of earbuds headphones with hundreds of dollars. The shell is formed at one time, and the whole body has no exposed seams so that it is waterproof. it is highly fitted with the human auricle, comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • 0.78MM DETACHABLE HIFI SILVER-PLATED BRAIDED WIRE - It comes 200D Kevlar wire, which can be pulled almost constantly. It ensures higher-performance audio transmission, effectively improves the transparency and separation, and makes the low frequency texture and the vocal more beautiful. can purchase a Bluetooth module to the Bluetooth ear buds , or upgrade the headset cable to improve the sound quality of the headset
  • FINE-TUNED – This EPZ Q1 earbuds headphones is carefully adjusted by professional tuners. The three-frequency smooth connection is polished, the tuning takes into account the thick low frequency, the mid frequency is transparent, and the treble resolution is strong, bringing you more natural, A more realistic listening.
  • UNIQUE LOOK - Different from the cookie-cutter headphones on the market, the Q1 back panel is inlaid with a skin-friendly resin panel made of gold foil wire, with rich texture levels. Due to the randomness of the texture, the texture of each panel is different.
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Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
$200 resin quality and $5 sound quality
Pros: resin quality
Cons: muddy sound
bass bleed
bad treble
too many v sounds
very strange sound scene
The product looked good to me and I decided to give it a try, there was someone on the forum who said it was muddy. Anyway, I'm going to review q1 today.

iems and cable quality;

The iems definitely looks like it's in the $200 band, there are several iems that use the same resin mold, and it definitely feels good. I remember seeing this cable on a few other headphones, probably similar iems companies order from the same place.


box contents;

- 6 pairs of weird ear tips, which I personally didn't like because they're too short and I couldn't get a fit.
- iems,
- mediocre quality cable,
- iems protection bag


they sent me an extra pair of eartips and earbuds. I didn't have any requests for it, the seller said this after I sent my order.


sound quality;

what is v sound? poor quality v? yep, that's the iems. I have never seen headphones with such strange vocals in my life, the vocals come from far away.

bass ;

The only joke of this earphone is bass, bleeding bass. It has bass that will please even a bass lover, but the bass mixes into both the mid and high frequencies. You have difficulty hearing other frequencies when there are both slow and bleeding basses.


The vocals are so far behind that I have to turn up the volume to hear the vocals. this time the bass is increasing and the mid frequencies are again in the shadows, use the mid frequencies the instruments are already missing.


It has a very strange treble setting, devoid of sparkle and detail. With v-sound headphones, the highs aren't usually that bad, but that's the case here.

sound stage; Very interestingly, it feels like the sound is coming from below, it's the first time I've come across such a headset. I've used weird v-shaped earphones before, but sometimes when I want to understand where the sound is coming from, I look down.

timbre accuracy;

Below par, no vocals anyway. You can only listen to electronic music.


Mid frequencies are missing, you can't hear any detail from the bass. There is no detail anyway, but you can't hear it from the bass. too much mud, just mud.


iems are a bit big, if you have small ears not for you. The voice character is also a bit tiring, a bit haha.

last word;

At about $29, for this price you can find one with a waner and one with a v sound and any better sound than this. Instead of paying this price, you can order flo red, which is a product that can compete with the 80-100 dollar band in technical terms. I paid $29 for the resin and I was left with $5 of sound quality. It doesn't make much sense to throw away $29 when even the $20 band is so competitive.

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Oh yeah, looks like $500, sounds like $5 :rolling_eyes:


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