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Encore mDSD DAC & Headphone Amplifier

  • Audiophile Sound Quality For Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.
    Powered by smart phones directly without the need for USB hub or external battery.

    The ENCORE mDSD is ultra-compact and connects easily to your computer or mobile device. Capable of PCM 32/384 and DSD 256 decoding, it supports playback of high-resolution, studio master audio formats. It provides the listener with truly full-range sound with commanding bass and an impressive full-frequency response. The improvement in sound quality is easy to hear.

    - 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD 256 decoding
    - Discrete USB audio receiver and D/A converter
    - Asynchronous transfer mode for doubled jitter-reduction at data input and over-sampling filter stages
    - High-performance headphone amplifier
    - Optical output (shared with 3.5mm headphone out) capable of S/PDIF and DoP stream
    - USB powered, no external power supply required. It can be powered directly by mobile phones USB port.
    - Output impedance 30 to 300 Ohm.
    - Output power >= 40mW X 2
    - Diminutive size measuring just 2 - 3/8" x 1 - 3/16" x 3/8"
    - Works with Android (4.1 & above with OTG), iOS (with camera adapter USB cable), Windows 7/8/10, and Mac. Windows device driver download is required, other devices do not need driver.
    - available in silver or black finish as shown

    The ENCORE mDSD has been designed by NuPrime Audio, designer and manufacturer of some of the best audio products available on the market today. NuPrime has been awarded four, 2015 - Product Of The Year Awards from The Absolute Sound and SoundStage! Network, an unheard-of achievement in high-end audio.

Recent Reviews

  1. Armaegis
    a pocket rocket to make you humm
    Written by Armaegis
    Published Feb 8, 2016
    Pros - low power consumption, great dac and optical bridge
    Cons - might block adjacent usb ports
    See my full review here:
    Concluding paragraph from my review:
    It's a decent amp, an even better DAC, and a snazzy usb-optical bridge that brings some pizazz to your regular dacs. Based on those pieces alone I'd expect something around $150-200, but all this for $60-70? Jimminy crickets what are you waiting for? If this is something that you've been shopping around for, you've got nothing to lose here and the value is fantastic.
    The crowdfunding campaign ends in less than a week! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/encore-mdsd-portable-usb-dac-headphone-amp#/
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