The airmotiv 4 was designed for applications where accurate sound is required and space is at a...

Emotiva Pro airmotiv4

  • The airmotiv 4 was designed for applications where accurate sound is required and space is at a premium. It's at home in a small studio (as a near-field monitor) or a home studio. Unlike most really small monitors, it delivers ample clean bass for close listening, or even for an entire room at moderate listening levels, without a sub-woofer.

    Because of its small size and low cost, the airmotiv 4 also opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities. They make great computer speakers. You can connect a pair to a portable CD player or an iPod to make a fantastic mini-system for a small room or office, and they sound incredible when connected to a networked music client. You can connect a pair directly to a preamp or a DAC, or connect a set of five to a surround sound pre/processor, and they'll make a major improvement to the sound of your high-end TV.

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  1. mr skurvy
    30 Day Auditon
    Written by mr skurvy
    Published Nov 7, 2012
    Pros - Great sound with surprizing bass for such a small package, Build Quality, 30 day audition, 5 year warranty
    Cons - Imputs are Ballanced and Unballanced RCA only. Each Speaker has to have AC power.
    Was looking for a smallish computer speaker with very good sound quality for less then $500. I looked around and read many reviews and thanks to the 30 day audition period from both Audioengine and Emotiva decided to give the Emotiva Airmotiv4 and Audioengine A5+ a try. My thought was pic the one that my ears liked the most even if that meant some compromises in other area.
    Each comes packaged very well. The Audioengine packaging and contained cabling is a bit better deal but I was firm on letting my ears decide this battle. Once I had them set up so I could quickly switch source material I went about breaking them in for 20 hrs of music over the next few days. During this time I selected my music off HDTracks and was ready to go.
    Auditioning day came and I fired up Steely Dan Babylon Sister to get things rolling. I started off with the Audioengine A5+ and was impressed with its sound stage and overall sound. The Emotiva Airmotiv4 was even more impressive. So much so I moved the A5+ off the stand and tried to replicate as close as possible the setup. I was astounded to hear a similar sound stage from a smaller package and crisper highs then I got form the A5+. I went though many other tracks ranging from Pink Floyd SOCD part 1-5, Nora Jones, Doors, Metric, Neko Case, Reverend Horton Heat to Thomas Dolby. Overall my ears were more pleased with the Emotiva Airmotiv4 then the bigger better looking A5+. The Airmotiv4 had clearer highs the bass response was pretty equal (And in need of a real Sub) but overall just more pleasing quality.
    Now don't get me wrong the A5+ is a great speaker, the connections are more flexible, great sound stage and the right channel having only one wire to contend with vs. RCA and power was almost a deal breaker for the Airmotive4...
    Thanks to the 30 day audition, a great idea for the consumer, I couldn't be happier with both speakers/companies, the Airmotiv4 for me was the winner. I recommend you give it a listen.
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