Emotiva mini-X a-100

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  1. fluidz
    "Pairs fantastically with Hifiman He-500 Headphones"
    Pros - Offers a forward, energetic sound and is often compared to many much more expensive products including the Lyr, often surpassing.
    Cons - May produce a faint white noise slight hiss with some headphones, using resistors may help.
    This review is based on matching the Mini X with Hifiman He-500 Headphones.  
    You may be reading this review, unsure what to make of this Amp, asking how can a cheap sub $200 amp offer the power needed for an expensive Headphone such as the Hifiman He-500?  If you have done your homework you will find this is the stereo amp everybody is buzzing about, and for good reason, it powers these headphones very well indeed.  The Emotiva Mini presents the sound stage clearly and with a punch, yes you really do feel the bass thump with the Mini X, but not overpowering at all - simply precise and enjoyable to listen to and you may find more often than not tapping your foot along to the music - feeling the energy being fed into your ears.  
    A fantastic match for Electronic music. 
    One slight drawback to some listeners may be the presence of a slight hiss, sounds like a faint white noise. As you can imagine there's alot of power pushed out of the amp, an amp designed for speakers and not headphones in mind, it should only be audible whilst no sound is playing but once you start playing music the hiss will become inaudible and you should forget its even there.  According to some guys here at Head-fi, adding a couple of resistors should remove the hiss.
    If you don't have huge pockets to empty look no further than the Emotiva Mini X.
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  2. Joong
    "A very good SQ and economic headphone amp with enough power"
    Pros - Not expensive and solid state
    Cons - Size for headphone amping use
    Emotiva Mini-x + Oppo BDP-105 + He-5LE results in impressive sound quality, which is at least equal to Schiit Lyr with Telefunken + Uberfrost + He-5LE.
    The Telefunken tube set cost alone exceeds an Emotiva.
    The price of amp does not follow SQ.
    However this test set-up does not necessarily mean that Emotiva mini-x is better than Lyr + telefunken.

    I hooked The BDP to my windows machine through HDMI cable.

    This pairing of Emotiva sounds like tube amp.
    The speaker tabs are connected to female TRS jack, where two black output terminals are short-circuited.
    Now volume is at 10:00, and I hear the same tuby sounds that made me happy when I first time bought Schiit Lyr a year ago.

    It is very economic solution without big investment in Amplifier side.
    There are so many positive reviews in this site with many machine configurations with Emotiva mini-x.
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