EM-JE003-FI - Smile Jamaica In Ear Earphones with Apple 3-Button Remote/Mic - Fire

General Information

These affordable, eco-responsible in-ear headphones offer sound isolation, three colors to choose from, a comfortable fit with three sizes of ear tips and amazing sound quality. Small and simple, with the smile Jamaica ear buds what you see is what you get. We’ve stripped the ear buds down to its essence and built it back up using natural materials. Then we stopped when the sound was just right. Accessories such as a storage bag and small, medium and large ear tips are included with every purchase!

Latest reviews

Pros: cheap to buy ,CLEAN bass ,even great sound overall try em .AND they come in all kinds of colors
Cons: ok l didn't get the controls on mine DAMN you !!!
OK if you haven't got it l love these !! l love the sound ,the colors ,the feel ,the weight & comfort ,the price ,the Cable feels and looks great & doesn't freeze outside too bad .l can wear these across town on the bus NP .So easy to wear and put in like l said set it and forget it .GREAT deal for not so much $$$$ 
I totally agree, probably the best headphone you could buy for 30 bucks. They don't have clarity and detail of etymotic, but the overall sound is quite decent for this price. Even and balanced.


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