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Effect Audio Thor Coper IEM Upgrade Cable

  1. Vitor Valeri
    A short impression of the Effect Audio Thor Copper with JH5
    Written by Vitor Valeri
    Published Jun 27, 2016
    Pros - Sound became more detailed, the bass and treble gained more definition and extension
    Cons - Y splitter might be a little less heavy

    (Player: Cowon Plenue D ; Earphone: JH5)
    Before I start, I must say that this was not the beginning of my experience with the brand cables. I own the Ares cable also (first model) and make some comparisons between him and Thor Copper.
    When I received the cable already realized that there was an evolution in the finish of the materials. The P2 connector and the cable splitter me seemed more resistant and beautiful at the same time (I enjoyed the details in carbon fiber). The cable itself seemed more malleable and flexible cable that Ares! (Which was already good, improved even more! )
    Compared with Ares cable, which already is an excellent cable and was a great improvement over the cable JH Audio stock, I found the sound became more detailed, the bass and treble gained more definition and extension.

    The mids however performed more timid compared to the Ares cable. The mids in Ares cable are warmer and softer compared to the cable Copper Thor. However the Thor mids they are still good, have good performance.

    My conclusion is that Thor Copper cable would be more analytical, detailing, while Ares cable would be more musical, fun, hot, euphonic.
    PS: I also did a review of Ares cable if you want to read http://www.head-fi.org/products/effect-audio-occ-pure-copper-ares/reviews/12420