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The P640 headphones are on-ear style headphones that offer the best in Hi-Fi audio offering a deep and balanced sound. The headphones are made from high-quality materials and the velvet earmuffs make them the most fashionable headphones we have made. This chic style makes them perfect for anyone ranging from kids to adults. The square design of the on-ear headphones immediately look different compared to every other brand. Edifier makes a mark with the P640 stating that you can combine a great sound with a unique style that will make you stand out among the crowd. These on-ear square style headphones also come in a wide variety of colors such as: yellow, black and white. Edifier knows that headphones are an accessory in fashion and the P640 headphones are just what you need.

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Pros: Stylish design, multiple color choices, light-weight, comfortable fit, good sound quality with current iPods and iPhones
Cons: price, thin cable wire (? long-term sturdiness), sound quality may be less than desirable on non-Apple music players
First, let me say that I received the H640P Edifier on-ear phones after I agreed to provide a review of one of several Edifier earphones; and I would like to thank Edifier for giving me the opportunity to review these headphones.  I did not request to review the H640Ps specifically, and I do not know how the company chose this particular model for me to review.  The majority of the earphones I own are in-ear phones, so this is the first time I have listened to and evaluated on-ear phones. 
The H640Ps arrived nicely packaged; the package not only included the headphones, but also a user’s guide, a shirt clip and a cable adapter. 
The H640Ps have a microphone/remote that is compatible with iPhones and most Android phones.  I have tested the mic/remote on both my son’s iPhone 6 and his iPod Touch, and it functions well.
Edifier advertises the H640Ps as Premium Mobile headphones with a chic design.  I received the black pair and they are attractive earphones.  These headphones also come in white and yellow as shown below. 
(Source:  Edifier webpage)
The headphones are light in weight; the head-band is made of a silicon strip which is attached to plastic side-stems and cups by stainless steel metal strips.  This design allows for size adjustment of the headphones. 
Additionally, the phone speakers (encased in light-weight metal housings) are attached to toggles in their cups to provide flexible movement and improved on-ear fit.  Each speaker is covered with a soft cloth material that has the appearance of microfiber cloth.
All in all, the H640Ps are comfortable headphones to wear and I was able to wear them for 1-2 hrs at a time without discomfort.  The speakers are connected to the plug by a somewhat thin straight 1.3 meter rubber-coated cable  Although the H640Ps are comfortable to wear and the headband appears fairly sturdy, I’m concerned that the thin wire cable may not hold up well with long-term use.  Although I may be wrong, I would guess most H640P owners will not wear them while running or at the gym.   Because they are on-ear phones, the isolation is not very good, so these headphones are probably not best suited for the library or study hall either.  These headphones appear to me to be more suited to time spent sunning at the beach or by the pool, or while relaxing on a bench or under a tree at the park.  They also would do well for those who like to listen to music while taking long, leisurely walks …
The specifications of the H640Ps are as follows:
Frequency response, 20 Hz to 20 kHz;  Sound Pressure Level, 89 dB;  Impedance, 32 ohms;  Maximum power, 10mW;  Wire length, 1.3 m;  Connector, 3.5 mm stereo;  Weight, 110 gms.  The headphones have neodymium magnet drivers, but the diameter of the driver is not specified.
In regards to sound quality, the H640Ps are very interesting headphones.  Based on my available music players, these headphones appear to have been primarily developed for use with iPhones, iPods and other Smartphones.  When I received the headphones, I initially used them with my DAPs.  I tested them using a number of different music types including classic rock, pop, progressive rock, blues rock, blues and classical music.  I have three DAPs I tend to use for various different purposes.  The DAPs are all made by Xuelin and include the ihifi 960, the ihifi 800, and the ihifi770c.  I use the 960 for sedentary home-listening, the 800 for listening while doing chores around the house, and the 770c for portable away-from-home-listening.  Let me just say that the H640Ps do not pair well with any of these DAPs.  The sound quality is especially poor with the 960 and the more neutral 800.  The mids are overly represented and forward, with the bass and treble being muffled and muddy.  Although the stereo separation is good, the overall sound quality lacks depth and warmth.  Too much of the music on the high and low ends is under-represented or missing.  The vocals with the 960 and 800 come across as somewhat harsh and uncomfortable to listen to.  The H640Ps fared a little better with the 770C, but again the sound lacked depth and it is hard to separate lead vocals from background vocals.  The bass and treble is better represented, but the bass is muddy and the treble is a bit sibilant. 
After several attempts to listen to several different types of music with the H640Ps and my 3 DAPs, I decided to give up and I tossed them to my teenage son, who immediately plugged them into his iPod Touch.  To my surprise, he told me that the headphones sounded good to him, and he would like to have them.  I was a bit shocked based on my experience with my players, so I then listened to the H640Ps with his iPod and later, his iPhone.  He was absolutely correct.  The H640Ps pair very nicely with these Apple products.  The bass, mids and treble are all well represented and clear.  The bass is not muddy and does not encroach on the mids.  The mids are no longer overly forward and vocals sound natural and have nice depth.  Treble is not sibilant.  The stereo separation is nice and the soundstage is wide and deep enough to provide nice separation of the different instruments and lead/backing vocals.  I actually enjoyed listening to my son’s iPod while using the H640Ps.  So, I do not know how the H640Ps will pair with other DAPs, but if the user has an Apple product, he/she should be pleased with the sound quality he/she gets from the H640Ps.  I do not have access to an Android-based smartphone to evaluate sound quality with the H640Ps.
All-in-all, the H640Ps are stylish, light-weight headphones that should be attractive to teens and young adults who listen to music with iPhones and iPods.  They appear to be well-built, but I’m concerned that their thin wire cable may not hold up well with daily, long-term use.  At this point, individuals using non-Apple DAPs or smartphones need to recognize that the H640Ps may not pair well with their respective players.  The list price for the H640P is $39.99 on the Edifier web site (with free shipping to the 48 continental United States) and ~$34 on Amazon.  With its current price tag, I would have expected the H640Ps to be more compatible in terms of sound quality with a wider range of DAPs.  Since they don’t appear to be, I can only give them a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.
Again, I would like to thank Edifier for the opportunity to review their H640P headphones.
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