Edifier G3 Gaming USB Headset With Inline Controller For Enhanced Bass - Reviews
Pros: "Weight" "rotating Microphone" "Control box" "Can mute" "driver less"
Cons: "Control box upside down" "Words are hard to read on the box" "Mega bass mode is not that good" "bass could be cleaner"
 The Edifier G3 is a headset made for gamers while having the option to turn off the DSP to listen to music, it has a control box on the cable which you use to change the settings for the headset. First thing I notice is the control box is flipped upside down, which makes it hard to switch the settings as you have to look down and grab the control box and flip it up right so you can see the location of the buttons.
Issue two the text you can barely see the writing on the control box, You will have to turn on a light just to be able to see it, Even then it barely read able. The first suggestion I would make is to either make the words lit up from the lights build into the control box, or use a brighter shade of White. To make it easier to read then rotate the control box around so you can quickly change the settings.
Like I mention there are couple of features that the G3 has, on the control box there is a button called mega bass, which increase the bass amount it produce which makes it sound like a sub woofer.  The feature works really well in games and movies. Music on the other hand not so good. The sub woofer sounding bass messes up songs as it makes the bass the forefront and you will notice that over the rest of the music as it outdo the other sound freq I don’t recommend you use it with music, unless you are the type of person that want sub woofer type bass in your songs.  When mega bass is on the circle on the control box and the lights on the headset will blink two times and once when it is turned off.
There is the two switches one to turn on and off the microphone, which I did test and it worked very well. A friend didn’t have any issues at all when I spoke. He heard me loud and clear, the microphone easily rotates out the way back to the side of the headset and its long and position in a way that it will reach your mouth.
The other switch on the other side changes the headset mode, there are two modes, one for music and the other for gaming. When you switch modes the lights on the headset and control box changes colors, to let you know which mode it is on. The game mode which is the blue Led, the music mode is red. Both modes have different EQ settings which are optimized for the two usage. 
On the sides of the control box you have the Volume button’s which of course lowers or raise the volume. There is a mute button which mutes all audio.
Edifier went for a sci-fi look when they design the headset and I admit it does look really well, even though headphone looks isn’t important to me. The ear pads are really comfortable to me and the headset feel light on my head, neither bothers me at all when I am using the headset. The G3 seems very durable to me, but I don’t suggest you drop it too much through. 
The G3 uses the windows usb audio driver’s, the problem with that is that those drivers lack many different functions, which edifier could have added with drivers. Many more settings which would have been great for the headset which isn’t there due to the generic windows usb audio drivers. But that’s not a really bad thing as it makes the headset driver-less. But at the cost of having more settings.
The Testing
I will be doing some music and then a game that I been playing a lot of called the division. I will use music mode with music and then game mode with The Division. I won’t use the mega bass function of the G3. As it will affect the review besides adding unneeded amount of bass as well making it hard to hear the ambient sounds in the game, while turning the weapons into sub woofer cannons. With music it will mess with the way the music sounds by distracting from the songs. I sure it would make your head explode when listening to dub-step songs or other heavy bass songs.
Games (Blue LED)
This mode has a special EQ which gives the bass more kick, at times it can be too much. Shotguns sound like shotguns and not a peashooter. Enemy Fire buzz past my head while I hear another fire fight going on behind me. Including people yelling and running away due to the DSP that is used in this mode. The sounds is very clear the bass doesn’t get muddy, nothing goes unheard including the ambient sounds, in the game of The Division.
Music (Red LED)
The music mode uses straight stereo when you play back music. The DSP isn’t used in this mode. So nothing will affect the way the music sounds.
The first thing I did was try some of my dub step songs. The type of bass that was produced was sub woofer bass. The bass still went deep but it was like a sub woofer was on your head without the shaking. I tried another song which had a bass beat, the bass went deep as well but was a tad better than the last song. I tried a 3rd song that also had bass in it, the bass in this song was cleaner then the last and had a bit of an impact. 
I listen to a bunch of songs, in them the Highs was clean and was a tad detailed not too much. But you could hear the snares in songs real well. They was clear as well. The drum kit’s had detailed sound and was also clean as well. You could hear them really well too. It wasn’t overly detailed, Just enough. Another song the piano was clear and you could tell it was a piano.
The vocals in many of the songs I tried to me sounded neutral. The vocals come off in some songs to be directly in front of me or somewhat inside of my head. They are not messy or anything, sound very clear, it just feels like it is inside my head a little.
Sound Stage
The G3 are closed back headsets but at times the sound stage can sound really good. Others not too good. I had songs that had mix results had a couple of songs that I tried that had sound stages that sound like they are outside my head. Of course not like open back headphones. The vocal is the only thing that sound like it’s inside my head almost. I find that some songs had sound stage’s that are outside my head. Some had really good sound imaging, others not so much.
There was songs where I could hear each of the instruments separated from the rest of the song. Others where they sometimes blend in making it hard to hear where one instrument start and another end. But when they do sound separated from each other. It sound really nice, when they don’t it doesn’t sound that well.
The G3 worked wonderful at anything I threw at it from the different types of songs that I played, sure some songs the bass performance wasn’t that clear, while others it was. With piano’s sounding clear and not messy. With snare’s sounding very detailed but not too much.  Games worked wonderful in the game mode, the DSP did a very good job.
The addition of the microphone and itself did a very good job. I didn’t except the G3 to do this well.
The only thing I suggest that I mention in my review is to fix the rotation of the control box and make the text clear so you don’t have to shine a light on the box just to see which button does what. Also custom drivers with more option’s then what the windows usb audio generic driver’s give you, as well improve the bass to make it cleaner.
If Edifier improves those, then this headset would be perfect.
I wanna thank edifier for supplying me with the edifier G3 headset.