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Balancing Act Features & Specifications:     --Inputs: 1 pair balanced, 3 pairs...

Eddie Current Balancing Act

  • Balancing Act Features & Specifications:

        --Inputs: 1 pair balanced, 3 pairs unbalanced.

        --Rear outputs: 1 pair balanced for line out, 1 pair tape out.
        --Front outputs: 1 four pin balanced, 2 three pin balanced, 1 ¼” unbalanced.
        --Control Panel: Volume, four input selector, pre/headphone select.
        --The new Eddie Current contact pressure adjustable UX4 socket with silver pins for 
           300B/ new PX-4  (UX-4 base) or 2A3/45 output tubes. (EH 300B Tubes included)

        --Tube compliment: One 6SN7 and two EH 300B outputs. (For assistance
           in purchasing other tubes, contact Eddie Current.)
        --Graded potentiometer
        --Separate power supply: Two transformers, two 6X4 rectifier tubes, dual regulated 
          B+ supplies, 18 watt 40kHz discrete power amplifier with current limiting.
          With meter for voltage adjustment.

       --Output transformers are partial silver EI core. 

       --Suitable headphone load 16 ohms to 600 ohms. Will drive K1000’s.

       --Power bandwidth -1dB 15Hz, and 35kHz.

       --Power into HD600 headones 280mW.

       --Power into Grado RS1 headphones 1.5 watts.

       --Power can be 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V 50/60Hz

    Dimensions:    BA wtih tubes 11"H x 12.25"W x 13.5"D; W=16.5lbs
                           Power supply 13"W x 14"D x 4.5"H; W=16lbs   


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