ecp audio DSHA-1 Solid State Headphone Amplifier

General Information

The DSHA-1 is a solid state headphone amp quite unlike any other amplifier on the market. The differential topology uses Lundahl amorphous core input transformers to provide passive noise-free voltage gain selectable to 6dB or 12dB. The novel MOSFET based output buffer couples to the headphones through nickel core output transformers, and the DSHA-1 can drive both balanced and unbalanced headphones equally well.

The differential topology provides distortion cancellation, and has the advantage that there is no coupling of the signal to ground and thus near total isolation of the audio circuit from the power supply. The power is not derived from power supply capacitors. Delicate mids and highs do not need to pass through noisy capacitor banks. The result is a purity of sound and bass power seldom heard from a headphone amplifier.

Each amplifier is assembled in the customer's choice of wood and comes with a dedicated power supply. The DSHA-1 supports balanced headphones, and single-ended headphones with supplied adapter.


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