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EasGear QCY QY8 Mini Waterproof Swimming Stereo Universal Wireless Earbuds Headset Headphone for iPhone,Samsung Galaxy and Other Smart Phones(Black)

  1. Peddler
    Five stars for good price, excellent fit and good sound quality
    Written by Peddler
    Published Apr 12, 2017
    Pros - Really good fit (for me anyway), good sound quality, goes nice and loud, price.
    Cons - Feels somewhat cheap (but also nice and light), main button can be sometimes a little stiff
    There’s plenty of inexpensive bluetooth headphones currently being listed on Amazon. Many offer features such as APTx, long battery life and fairly up to date bluetooth protocols for around 20 UK Pounds. I strongly suspect that they all use pretty much the same drivers and the main differences are in the headphone housing and electronics used.
    My headphone collection consists of:
    Audio Technica ATH M50X
    V-Moda Crossfade Wireless
    1More Triple Driver IEM’s
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10
    and quite a few others.
    The QY8 is pretty typical of these inexpensive bluetooth headphones - very lightweight, not exactly state-of-the-art build quality and uses a standard driver - no balanced armature drivers here. With this all said and done though, I have to say I really like them.
    The QY8’s are designed with all the electronics being embedded into the headphones themselves rather than on the cable. They are surprisingly lightweight and this definitely helps with the fit - once in they stay in without any problems. In fact, this is one of the few inexpensive earbud type headphones which I had absolutely no problems getting to fit - I didn’t even have to change the tips. This makes the headphones very accessible and easy to quickly put on when you want to take the dog for a walk for example. They also connect to your phone very quickly - it takes about the same amount of time it would take to untangle your wired headphones and find your headphone socket.
    The controls are hidden on the right hand earbud  - the volume controls are quite small but are actually quite easy to locate by touch and the Play/Pause/Call Answer button is a much larger button on the outside of the right hand headphone and is always very easy to find. I cannot comment on the battery life because i haven't yet run it down but I can tell you that they charge up very quickly. I tend to not let my battery powered devices completely discharge as this reduces the amount of recharges they’re capable of taking - I prefer to ‘top up’ on a regular basis.
    The Bluetooth range is very good for this type of headphone and I haven't experienced any dropouts at all. The amplifiers have a very low noise floor and the APTX protocol works very nicely with my phone and offers a nice clean signal and sound quality.
    Sound Quality
    Just to be clear - these are 20 quid headphones. It wouldn’t be fair to be comparing them to multiple-driver expensive IEM’s - although in all fairness they do sound really good. They are extremely lightweight - according to my kitchen scales they weigh only 17 grams which is really quite remarkable. Their light weight really helps these headphones to stay in place once they’re in but they do tend to transmit a considerable amount of body noise when you’re walking around with them on.
    The bass goes deep and offers a reasonable degree of detail. Thanks to their excellent fit bass is consistent although slightly one-noted. It’s fair to say that the housing of the headphones help with their bass response rather than the drivers themselves.  
    Mids come across clear and detailed. Female vocals are well defined and distortion free. The mids are fairly flat - neither being forward or recessed.
    The treble is pretty sweet and non-fatiguing. Whilst it doesn’t reproduce the highest frequencies this does help reduce listening fatigue and allows you to listen for longer.
    Power output is impressively loud and distortion free. I find that with many integrated headphone systems where the amplifier is part of the system tends to lack power and I often find myself listening at near to full volume. There's no problems with these though and there's plenty of power to spare. The overall sound characteristic lends itself to listening at lower volume and the added bass acoustic helps maintain a nice full sound at lower volume levels.
    I connected the QY8’s to be Android box and they worked really well. No problems with lip-sync when watching films and TV shows - I have a pair of 250 Pound full sized bluetooth headphones which cannot do this.
    I really do like these headphones. Whilst it's fair to say that they can't compete with the likes of Ultimate Ears and Etymotic, they are a tiny fraction of the price and are really designed for a different type of listening audience.
    The QY8’s offer excellent value for money in my opinion. They go nice and loud, have a pleasant and inoffensive sound and, for me at least, fit really nicely. The controls work quickly and positively. In fact, the only criticism I can really offer for the QY8’s is that they feel a little ‘cheap’ and tend to transmit a lot of body noise. This ‘cheapness’ is easily countered by their incredible lightness and the body noise issue simply required the cable to be carefully ‘dressed’ when being worn.
    I have no hesitation in recommending the QY8’s for their price.