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EasGear Morul U5 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

  1. James Mash
    Morul U5 cool bluetooth earphones
    Written by James Mash
    Published Aug 23, 2016
    Pros - waterproof, Premium quality feel, good sound quality, great price
    Cons - none
    I loved these Bluetooth earphones,was pme of my best buys, I got them for a shade under $30 at https://www.chinavasion.com/.
    The earphones come with a bag of silicon clips and different size earphone heads, this meant I could get a nice snug fit so they stayed in place even when I was out jogging or working out at the gym.
    A really cool feature is the magnetic absorption, as they call it, this allows the two ear pieces to magnetically clip together so they can be worn around your neck when not in use. great for me as my jogging shorts have very shallow pockets and this way i can never lose them.
    I thought the 120mAh battery wouldn't provide much usage time but i was surprised just how long it lasted and they recharged quickly too.
    The earphones have NFC which makes them a bit more expensive than others and unfortunately my phone isn't equipped with this so its not much use to me and i cant say how well it worked, although I never had any problems syncing the Bluetooth with my Lenovo phone. The wireless range says about 10 meters which is about right although i normally use them well within that range.
    Overall I was very impressed an would certainly recommend these.