The Triple is a step up from the dual driver monitor in depth and presence, yet still clear and...

EarTech Music Triple Driver Custom Molded In Ear Musician Monitors Headphones

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  • The Triple is a step up from the dual driver monitor in depth and presence, yet still clear and crisp. This is our most popular model with sound engineers, on-stage musicians, and the discriminating audiophile due to its exceptional accuracy...
    STANDARD FEATURES: Balanced armature drivers, Passive tuning network, 26 dB ambient noise reduction, Hypoallergenic, hard acrylic shells.... Frequency Response: 18Hz-18kHz, Impedance: 45 Ohms, Sensitivity: 119dB SPL/mW@1kHz, Noise Isolation: -26dB.... ORDER FORM: ( FACEPLATE OPTIONS: 21 colors to select from ( For an additional cost custom artwork and exotic wood faceplates are offered.... SHELL OPTIONS: 21 colors to choose from ( For an additional cost, clear canals and glitter options are offered.... ORDERING PROCESS: After payment is completed you will receive an email with further instructions and an order form. E-mail form back to us- if there is any additional charges we will send you an invoice... Get your impressions made. We recommend seeing a hearing healthcare professional! The best monitors are made from the best impressions.... Talk to us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss you order with you before we start your custom build. We can help you choose the right model and personalize your look. So, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about part of the process, build, options, ect. Call us M-F 8-5pm EST at 1-888-327-1299. Send your impressions to us and we will get 'em made! Visit and be sure to like us on Facebook!

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  1. MikePortnoy
    "EarTech Triple Driver Review: Perfect Entry Level Solution"
    Pros - Smooth signature, Very good performance for its price, Perfect craftsmanship
    Cons - Stage may be larger, Highs may have slightly smoother touches
    Eartech is an American company located in Johnson City, Tennessee. They primarily produce hearing aids and help people to hear well. They are the parent company of Eartech Music, which makes custom in ear monitors for audiophiles and stage musicians. Eartech is in hearing aid industry for almost 40 years and Eartech Music aims to carry this huge experience into making custom in ear monitors.
    Eartech Music offers three mains products to their customers: Dual driver IEM, Triple driver IEM and finally Quad driver IEM. They also produce earplugs offering four level of sound reduction as well as selling some accessories such as cases and cables.
    The price policy is about making affordable custom in ear monitors; the dual is priced at 299 USD, the triple at 399 USD and Quad at 499 USD. As Richard from Eartech said, the triple driver model is their most popular model. According to their website, Quad has a powerful low frequency response and is good for bass players and drummers, while the dual has a clean sound. Honestly, the triple driver IEM has a good performance price ratio.
    When we look at Eartech Music website, we can see that there is a shell design engine, which is a rare to find and unique opportunity for customers. We can design shells by virtually selecting colors, faceplate logo and wood options. I must say that most companies don’t have this engine, and we need to take a look at their Facebook page and try to catch some ideas by analyzing pictures of monitors. Colors are free to charge, but wooden faceplate is for extra cost, 75 USD.
    Eartech Music customer service is simply awesome. They reply to my emails within minutes and are very friendly. I chose a wrong faceplate/body color combination at the beginning, but they contacted with me, we discussed and found the right one. I should give five stars to their customer service approach with my special thanks to Richard. In addition, they use FedEx as a company policy, even for international orders.  
    Build Quality, Internals and Accessories:
    The reviewed triple has very nice craftsmanship. Combination consists of forest green body and curly maple wooden faceplate. With an exception of a single error, the faceplate is very well cut and placed on the body. Also, there is no lacquer overflowing sign here, determined simply very well. The fit is also good with a slight tightness, which makes this monitor a perfect solution for stage musicians. No seal breaking at all during jaw movements and there is excellent isolation in crowded places.
    The triple has three drivers in accordance with its name and also there is a 45-Ohm of impedance with 119 dB of sensitivity. The drivers inside are not small; there are two big drivers and a smaller one. Also, there are two main acoustic bores, one has bigger diameter.
    The triple comes with accessories such as pelican hard case, cleaning tool, 3.5mm to 6.3 mm converter, shirt clip and a large drier disc. Also, Eartech sent me a nice t-shirt on which their logo is printed. The stock cable is industry standard, very similar to Westone/UM type cable.
    Eartech triple custom in ear monitor has a warm signature in accordance with slight mid-bass lift. Overall presentation is full-bodied and may be considered like V shape due to midrange is a little bit less prominent than other frequency ranges. However, it isn’t an exact V shape, since midrange is not significantly distant compared to others, thanks to its thick and full-bodied notes. In sum it is somewhere between being V shape and balanced.   
    Low Frequency:
    The triple has prominent low frequency response with a warm tone. Sub-bass has medium area of impact with tight notes; it hits from a distant place and this helps to create a good stage depth. The texture and hitting to depth ability is not on par with TOTLs monitors, but it has a very good performance for its price.
    Mid-bass has a warm tone here; it is not located too close to listener, but it may tighten the stage depending on quantity of mid-bass in tracks; it is a rare problem when we look at its general presentation. On the other hand, mid-bass has a nice resolution and tone; this is the best part of low frequency performance of the triple.
    Overall quantity of lows is enough for audiophiles who want to hear more bass, but I must say that it is not completely a bass-head ciem.
    Mid Frequency:
    As I mentioned in general description of the triple above, listener feels midrange a little bit distant in accordance to highs and lows’ quantities. However, midrange is weighty and full-bodied with a natural tone overall. Transparency and clarity level is not very high, but it isn’t fatiguing at all during long listening sessions. In addition, average note thickness is on the thick side. Not very thick, but may have some problems in creating lower midrange notes due to mid-bass full-bodied presentation.
    Upper midrange is nicely detailed; it is not too bright, but not completely smooth. There is coloration here and this may result in sibilance, but is below acceptable levels. Overall midrange resolution is not on par with TOTLs, but apart from instruments, vocals have a very good resolution performance and listener can catch most of throat movements of singers.  
    High Frequency:
    Overall high frequency is a little more prominent than midrange. It has a good amount of detail with a nice balanced energy. Even if its tone is not very natural, it has a non-piercing note releasing. Extension is not on par with my other monitors, but it has a good speed. During fusion jazz track, speed is enough, while resolution level slightly goes down in fast metal tracks. Even there is slight coloration on highs, transparency level is good and highs have a good body; they also give a slight airy feel to the general atmosphere.
    Soundstage and Separation:
    The triple doesn’t have a very wide stage, but depth is very nice for its price in accordance with a little distant mids, background location and starting point of sub-bass hits.
    As there is no overly wide stage, focusing is easy, but imaging ability is not the best among my others. I must say that the background stability and blackness is very impressive for its price and creates a separation at very good levels. The width is enough to avoid congested presentation and easily locate bodied instruments on the stage.
    Selected Comparison:
    Eartech Triple vs Hifiman RE-600 (Both have 399 USD MSRP at their release dates)
    Re-600 has less low frequency presence as well as less impact on sub-bass. Re-600 has slightly better texture, but the triple hits deeper with more power and authority. Location of sub-bass is similar on both, while the triple has more prominent and detailed mid-bass presentation. Due to mid-bass tone and quantity, Re-600 has more neutral one, while the triple has significantly warmer atmosphere.
    Both have non-piercing midrange presentation, but the triple has more full bodied performance with thicker and more resolving notes, while Re-600 is a little more transparent. The triple has slightly detailed upper midrange, while Re-600 has a bit smoother tone here. Overall the triple has a bit less stressed note releasing in midrange.
    Re-600 has slightly less high frequency quantity with a smoother tone; on the other hand the triple has fuller, more detailed but slightly brighter tone. Both have a non-piercing presentation.
    Re-600 creates less warm stage with similar width, but the triple has significantly deeper stage with its more distant background. In addition, the triple has blacker and more stable background with a better layering ability and instrument separation.
    Final Words:
    Eartech Music Triple Driver IEM can be considered as an entry-level custom in ear monitor. I must say that I am impressed with its smooth sound and background blackness/stability. They sound very nice for its price and they remind me Westone UM30 sound signature in accordance with the general atmosphere, but the triple slightly betters it overall. Also, Eartech is able to make monitors with a very good craftsmanship and their customer service is top notch. I can recommend the triple without hesitation to audiophiles who are looking for a smooth sound and an affordable entry-level custom in ear monitor. Well done!
    Here is the link to Eartech:

    Here is the link to the triple:

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