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EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

  1. genclaymore
    Great Sounding IEM's
    Written by genclaymore
    Published Aug 31, 2019
    Pros - Over all sound good
    Good isolation
    Very good bass
    Mic quality is great
    Cons - detail's can be a tad too much depending on the song
    Cable not detectable
    Control's in a bad spot

    I wanna get this out the way, I received this product for free, I wanna thank Ear studio for the chance to try out HE100, one of the first ear studio products I ever used.

    On the rear of the box, you will see the inner workings of the HE100 and the specs at the bottom.
    20190827_150932_HDR.jpg 20190827_150922_HDR.jpg

    When you open up the box, you will notice a small cardboard envelope with the manual on it detailing safety instructions and how to make sure the ear tips are on correctly, so the sound isn’t effected, which can happen if the tips are on wrong.

    When you move that piece out the way, you will see the HE100’s inside a protective foam. The cable feels alright in my hands as it looks like it could last a long while assuming you take great care of your Iem’s. Control’s could be in a better spot, then being high up on the right’s side cable. Another thing is the cable isn’t removable, which might be a deal breaker for some people. The location of the controls is a slight annoyance for me, but not having a removable cable brothers me the most.


    Next you will see a small pouch which is also where the rest of the ear tips are located, inside an even smaller plastic bag inside the pouch. Which also includes the cable clip. The tips that are includes comes in small, medium and large size, by default medium are already on the HE100’s.
    20190827_151358_HDR.jpg 20190827_151605_HDR.jpg

    It was fairly easy getting the tips off, just had to use a little bit of force to remove them. Putting them back on was just as easy. After putting on the smaller tips, I place the IEM’s in my ear and the HE100 felt very comfortable inside my ears. I was able to get a perfect fit and seal as they stayed in place and did not pop out, which was an issue with my prior IEM’s that I owned.

    When I pair the HE100’s with my LG Stylo 4, it worked very well with it, does a good job at handling them. The button on the control pod that I mentioned earlier starts and stop media play back, Holding the button down toggles the google assistance, I also didn’t have any issues talking into the mic, giving it commands. Sadly there isn’t buttons to play the next or last song on the play list.

    20190827_151431_HDR.jpg 20190827_165313_HDR.jpg

    Sound isolation is very good, I only hear a hint of my computer 11 fans that are all blowing at 100% speed. Including my room a/c set to high fan settings. Which I wasn’t expecting it to do well in. As the last pair of Iem’s I had didn’t do this well.

    The mic quality was very good, people didn’t have an issue with hearing me and my voice was clear, also during the call, the HE100’s call quality was great, no issues at all.

    Source and Software

    The source that I will be using in this review is my LG Stylo’s 4 Headphone jack, and for the software Onkyo’s HF player, with EQ turned off, also with my phone’s DTS Headphone X 3D disabled.


    The songs are in native flac format and are 16bit/48khz.

    Spatilize – Cat and mouse

    The first thing I notice is the song doesn’t sound like it’s inside my head, which surprise me, really sounds like the audio is outside my head, it wasn’t 3D sounding, it just was outside my ears feeling. The separation is perfect, I can hear each instruments as they are spread apart from each other, I can hear the location of each one. Including the saxophone that came off as being in front of me, and the drums that was on both sides of it.

    The details are there and it’s clean, I heard every part of the song without any issues at all. The high’s wasn’t bright at all or too detailed. Each bass note could be heard, it was accurate and it was also just as clean and detail as the rest of the song. Nothing was muddy, or overlapping, as it hit soft.

    The Chemical Brothers – No Geography

    Similar feeling with the sound image, Even the voice is projected outside my left ear and I could hear it in my upper left side. The bass has some impact in this song, it isn’t slamming or any thing but it’s there, was drums and even snares too.

    Bass wasn’t muddy or bloated, it was great. The background pad sound was really nice. There was a hint of the trebles being a tiny bit too detailed, but it wasn’t bright. I was able to hear every thing clearly and it was clean.

    Figure – 9MM

    Now I pick this song due to it’s bass going deeper then the other songs, with a little more impact, still nothing is bloated or muddy. Details are really heard in the lows in this song, the same thing happening here with the audio all being clear and sounding really clean. I having no issues hearing each of the different bass and drum sounds.

    The voice is in front of me, as if it coming from in front of me, not on stage, but as if the person is in front of me talking to me. With the What’s? Coming from both sides of my ear’s being right outside them.

    I notice there are a bit too much details in the highs too, but like I said before it isn’t bright which is very good.

    Steve Aoki Remix – GITS: Utai IV Reawakening

    Right away the voice’s feel as the chore is directly in front of me, just not right up in my face. It isn’t on stage or any thing.

    I can really hear the bass impact and all the different notes of bass, drums and snare’s the same way I could hear it in the other songs. The same details and cleanness is here as well. Now there is a tiny bit of brightness to this song as it being a bit more detailed then the other songs, coming off as being too detailed.The brightness could just be this song, as other's didn't have the issue.


    I been using the HE100 since Tuesday, over the days the sound has improved, as I actually loving the HE100 more then I ever did the Nu force HEM 2’s which was the last IEM’s I had. Including being more comfortable in my ears, while being easy to put in and staying in. While I do love t he over all sound performance, the details are a tad too much. Now I sure it may improve with a better source then my LG stylo’s 4 headphone out, which does a good job of driving them. If the detailing was tone bad a hint, then every thing would be perfect.

    It would also help if the control panel was further down on the cable, instead of being on the right side cable, close to your face. Including having more functions then just pause, stop and google assistance.

    The cable it self is no longer straight and have slight curve to it, but that don’t really bother me that much, the one thing that does is no removable cabling.

    Other then that I enjoying them so far.
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    1. Broquen
      Hi, I'm listening to them as they are, and these are really good. Seriousluy. Only change is the tips (when going out) for the RHA MA750i stock silicone ones (highly recommended , no highs smoothing as when tried spiral dots). He100 have very good definition, detail, sound balance... Only detail is that due to I like a sound signature without any edge, I'll EQ down a couple of db for ~4k when finally write my impressions.
      Broquen, Sep 3, 2019
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  2. p50kombi
    Certainly enough bang for your buck
    Written by p50kombi
    Published Sep 9, 2019
    Pros - sound quality at this price point is amazing
    super light and comfortable
    Cons - microphonic cable, easily solved by using clip or hooking cable them behind the ears
    Review Radsone HE100

    First of let me start by saying I won these earbuds in the Radsone HE100 giveaway event here on Head-Fi, however the opinions in this short review are my solely my own and not influenced by Radsone or anyone else for that matter.

    I’ve been a big fan of the Radsone ES100, it’s one of my first things to pack when I go on a trip and indeed always on my desk or in my pocket when I am out and about, so seeing Radsone diversify in the earbud territory made me naturally curious, if they could bring the same quality sound to earbuds.

    I have two main sets of in-ears, being the Audio Technica ath-ls400is in ear monitors and a set of Klipsch x12i which I will be using for comparison.
    I also have a set of Audio Technica ath-msr7 over ear headphones.
    Suffice to say, I prefer a natural sound, I like to hear recordings the way the producer/artist meant it to be heard

    I am a person who listens to a very varied array of music, form extreme heavy/black metal to classic rock to dance (on very rare occasions ) and so I gave these a real run for their money on very different types of music.
    I used my HTC U12+ phone as a music player using Hi-Res FLAC files and connected the HE100 earbuds both directly to the phone, and of course in combination with the ES100.

    First impressions of the HE100 when you take them out of their modest and stylish box is just how well build they are, no cheap plasticky fell, the materials are premium and the cable is very nicely finished.
    For this review I solely used the provided tips, as I got a decent seal with them and wanted to test this product mainly as an average consumer would use them, so no fancy foam tips, just the supplied ones.
    And I have to say, I was very impressed on the first listen, and after a very decent burn in period, they have only gotten better.
    There is the issue of cable phonics, but let’s be fair, which pair of earbuds does not have this, and it can easily be reduced to a minimum by either going behind the ears or using a clip to clip the cable down.

    The highs and mids are very clear, the soundstage is nice and wide and at no point do you feel the earbuds are compromised by using just a single driver or sound is going missing. This is especially evident listening to music from for instance Nine Inch Nails or Thom Yorke, artists like these, as they cram so many quirky sounds into their recordings, these all are clearly distinguishable and heard using the HE100 and at no stage does the sound get muddled.
    They produce a very natural sound, which I really like, as you can then fine-tune them to your own listening preference using an equaliser (like the excellent ES100 eq)
    The bass is solid, by no means will it shake your brain out of your nostrils, but it certainly doesn’t lack or gets muddled at any time. This is especially evident in songs like Depeche Mode’s Welcome to my world from their Delta Machine album, it just sounds awesome using these, the bass is solid, the mids and highs are crystal clear, so in all very impressed.
    It is clear Radsone have put an awful lot of work in the development of their Hi-Res single driver, it really packs a punch.

    I’ve never underestimated the power of single driver units as I have been a Klipsch enthusiast and have owned a pair of Klipsch x10i, x11i and now x12i so I know that if tuned correctly, they impress.
    I think however what impressed me most though is the price point of these earbuds. For the quality and sound they produce, I would gladly pay more for these than the current price Radsone is charging.

    In comparison to my Klipsch x12i, which were about 2.5 times as expensive, I would say they perform on par, maybe even slightly better. Although the Klipsch are lighter which makes them marginally more comfortable (if you can get used to the deep insertion of the Klipsch) I now prefer to take these HE100 with me instead of them.

    The sound quality of my Audio Technica ath-ls400is is better than the HE100 but then they are driven by 4 drivers and use balanced cables. However, the sound quality of the HE100 is only marginally less than the way more expensive ls400is’s so I doubt the average user is really going to hear a difference.

    However, for ease of use or if you’re going somewhere where you do not want to wear very prices in ear monitors, these HE100 are just perfect.

    I’ve been blessed (or cursed, whichever way you see it) with extreme good hearing and a great love of music, a combination which makes me a very difficult customer to please.
    These Radsone HE100 have truly impressed me and I think they are a great addition to Radsone’s portfolio and will help them greatly to make a well-deserved name for themselves in the audio market.
    Especially at this price point, which will attract many starting audiophiles.
    If you’re a seasoned veteran though, I urge you to not dismiss these and give them a try, they won’t disappoint.

    Only thing left for me to say is: Well done Radsone, keep up the good work.
  3. Tadeas
    EarStudio HE100 - audiophile sound under $100
    Written by Tadeas
    Published Sep 7, 2019
    Pros - * Price
    * Included microphone
    * Comfort, weight
    * Included tips quality
    * Effortless presentation of the sound
    * Details and clarity
    Cons - * Subdued mid/upper bass
    * The upper mids spike is too sharp for my taste (it creates the clarity though)
    * Cable microphonics
    This review builds on my first impressions I shared with you two weeks ago here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...lution-earphones.912108/page-16#post-15139416 .

    I received the earphones as a part of the HEAD-FI giveaway that Radsone organized. While I received them for free, I am in no way bound to write a positive review, and, in fact, any review at all. Yet, I'm under the impression that the HE100 made quite a splash in the community. So I hope that sharing my experience will help someone in the future.

    I own HE100 for over two weeks now, and I used it as my main daily driver during that time. I haven't noticed any burn-in during that time. There's obvious brain burn-in, though, because the HE100 tonality is quite different from my standard daily driver (IMR R1 with pink filters). More on that later.

    Quite standard, not premium but not cheap (unlike some sporty Sennheisers for example). In the package, there are:
    • The earphones
    • Three sets of silicone tips (S, M, L). According to the card found in the box, there should be one more pair of foam tips. It was not there.
    • Shirt clip
    • A small cloth pouch, roughly 8x8 cm

    The HE100s are very small. And very light. Regardless of the tips I tried, it's the sort of headphones that disappear in the ears, and I'm left with the music. The provided tips are perfect. The surface is not perfectly smooth; there's a bit of friction, which helps to keep the earphones in place. In fact, HE100 is my first IEM where I'm not fighting the tips. For any other headphones, I prefer my custom silicone tips. Here, I don't care.

    My first impressions were mostly based on listening to Mahler's first symphony: https://www.deezer.com/album/103082232. In the following weeks, I listened to more genres than classical, although classical might account for about 80%. I did all my listening with 320kbps mp3 from Deezer with very basic gear. Macbook Air headphone jack, iPhone through the Apple lightning connector, or FiiO E10k Olympus (the first version). I haven't noticed any significant difference between the sources, apart from what any other headphones show as well (e.g., hiss in the FiiO).

    The sound is slightly tip-dependent. I get a good fit and seal using the stock M sized tips, but I prefer to use my custom tips anyway (from Custom Art). With the stock tips, the height extension is lacking a bit. With the custom tips, it's okay. When writing this review, I'm using the stock tips for better objectivity, however.

    My first feeling about the sound was that it's pleasantly effortless. Whatever I threw at it, it sounds like it's no big deal. There's excellent clarity in low volumes. The Mahler's first symphony starts with a quiet passage when different instruments sort of "whisper" to each other. Particularly the brasses are supposed to sound like we hear them from a distance and I get precisely this feeling.

    With more listening time, some peculiarities of the frequency response started to appear.

    • Extended to the limit of my hearing with the custom tips, slightly rolled off with the stock tips (I was just tested a week ago and I'm good to 17.5kHz).
    • Good detail retrieval. More details than, for example, in Etymotic HF5 (single BA for $130).
    • Even with the stock tips, the extension is much better than with Massdrop Noble X (dual-BA for $250).
    • I can't hear any significant spikes in the heights.
    • The heights are not emphasized.

    • I think the mids are the dominant frequency.
    • Decent details.
    • When I first listened to the HE100, my thoughts were that it could be the recording I was listening to at the moment, but the upper mids have the most emphasis (violins, oboe, flute).
    • After two weeks of extensive listening, this feeling was confirmed many times, very strongly. In fact, the upper mids spike is much more prominent with other genres, particularly with heavy metal.
    • The emphasis goes down pretty fast. Female vocals are quieter than snare drums or electric guitars.
    • The male vocals are even softer. While I wouldn't call the lower mids recessed, the super prominent upper mids overshadow them.
    • This description might suggest that the IEMs sound thin. They indeed do sound a bit thinner than Noble X or IMR R1, but fuller than the Etymotic HF5. I wouldn't call this a problem.

    • For me, the bass is the weakest part of the frequency response.
    • Well extended. Better than, for example, Massdrop Noble X (dual-BA for $250). Double basses are well audible.
    • I'd consider the sub-bass almost adequate, but the mid and mainly upper bass is definitely subdued. That goes hand in hand with the quieter low mids. Most noticeable with violoncellos or bassoons.
    • Sounds natural and effortless, but I could certainly use more quantity. Tympani in an orchestra, for example, lack the impact we're used to from listening to live music.
    • Increasing volume to get better bass response renders the upper mids/lower highs a bit piercing.
    • Sub-bass sounds better than mid-bass.
    • Even with the (IMO) subdued bass, it's still much, much better than Etymotic HF5 (single BA for $130).
    • Mid bass or upper bass is probably better on the Noble X, thanks to the quantity. It sounds more natural on HE100, however.
    • To be fair, when listening to Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing, I find the bass quantity adequate.

    Try listening to Dvorak's 9th symphony; everybody knows the fourth movement: .
    • This particular piece has several parts that could be called a "wall of sound", e.g., 8:45 and on. Fortissimo, from double basses and timpani all the way to brasses and violins. The HE100 doesn't give me the Earth-shattering feeling that a live performance would - and I've heard this symphony several times live. Sure, it's only an IEM, but the IMR R1, for example, is almost there.
    • In other parts, this symphony shows the strengths and weaknesses of the HE100 nicely.
    • The trumpets and trombones sound fabulous, particularly in the opening sequence.
    • The opening fanfares are interrupted by "hits" of the whole orchestra that leaves something to be desired in the bass.
    • Shortly after, there's a solo for clarinet (1:55). That sounds great again.

    The frequency response is where the brain burn-in comes into play. The immediate impression after putting the HE100 in the ears and hitting play is that it sounds sort of cardboard-y. Like if you take a small loudspeaker and put it in a cardboard box. It changes the sound in a peculiar way. The first HE100 impression is very similar. But this feeling disappears after a few hours of listening as the brain adjusts to the new tonality.

    • Pretty good. My primary earphones are IMR R1 (roughly $700) which is a whole different league, but the HE100's soundstage is good.
    • Much better than the Etymotic HF5 or Noble X.

    • Pretty good. Again, no comparison to the IMR R1, but much better than the Etymotics, for example.
    • When listening to the Mahler, I have no problem in separating various instruments.

    The cable is very thin, and the lower part is wrapped in cloth (see the pictures). It has a bit of memory effect but fortunately only a bit. Unfortunately, there's quite a lot of microphonics. Wearing the cable over-ears fixes that, but then we can't use the mike as it's right below the right ear. I've used both significantly better cables (e.g., the Noble cable that came with the Noble X) and significantly worse cables (e.g., the abomination that comes with IMR R1). At this price point, I'd judge the HE100 cable as above average.

    My job requires me to make a ton of calls, and I used the built-in mike often. My colleagues told me it sounds somewhat hollow, like if I'm in a large empty room, but they always insisted that the audio quality is good enough. I have the impression that I get fewer "sorry I haven't caught that" with Apple Earpods, however. In either case, the microphone is apparently not bad.

    IMG_0846.jpeg IMG_0814.jpeg IMG_0810.jpeg IMG_0811.jpeg IMG_0807.jpeg
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