Earsonics ES5


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Resolution, Details, Mids, Tonality, Fit
Cons: Soundstage could be wider, Tonality, Stock cable

Disclaimer: ES5 were purchased used and went through the shell repair in France – special thanks to SAV (ES service) for great customer service and fast repair.

This is not the first and the only Earsonics product I own. I own S-EM6 V2 for more than 2 years.

“The first contact” happened in 2013. That was SM64, then ES3 later in 2017. I had some experience with the original S-EM6 in between.

“Real love” happened with the 2nd version of the 6BA IEM 2 years ago which were perfectly tuned towards neutrality and reference sound signature. You can’t go wrong with it if you like uncolored and very detailed sound.

The only problem you may face with them if you listen to the music on the go in a very noisy environment like public transport, metro, etc. where some additional information in the low register would be nice to have.

For such “extreme” conditions you would probably want to have a slightly different tuning to ensure you do not miss anything…and the ES5 can be the right choice here.

Build and Fit

It looks like ES5 shares its family shell and style with ES2, ES3, Velvet earphones.

So I cannot really comment on durability. I bought them used, 2 years old, they did have some intensive wear and tear including a crack on the right shell. Besides that they did not have any other issues.

The fit is fine. The shells are slightly bigger than S-EM6 v2’s but it does not make them heavier.
They fit into your ear very naturally.


Sound analysis

Let’s have a look at the signature picture which somehow represents a FR curve.
Slightly boosted sub bass, slight dip in low mid, linear from mid to treble.


Sonically I would describe them as full bodied and very well-balanced sounding IEM with high resolution and excellent detail retrieval.

Midbass is well defined, quite fast and punchy.
Sub bass pushed a little bit forward to make this spacious and engaging sound signature.
Mids are my favorite area here. Guitar riffs are phenomenal. Rich and full of energy.
Highs are very well done, airy and detailed. Maybe not that extended like on the 6BA sibling, but they fit its own signature.

Tonality can be considered as Pros and Cons at the same time depending on your personal preferences, source and application - that's why I put it in both boxes...

I found a very nice synergy with Cayin n6 mk2, with both A01 and T01 modules.



Quick comparison

ES5 vs S-EM6 V2

Both IEMs were A/B tested with one source (ifi audio iDSD Black Label - Eco Mode, iEMatch Off) and with one cable (HAC Coaxial Hybrid x 4)

S-EM6 V2: more linear, more neutral/reference tuning with wider soundstage, more extended highs, slightly more transparent, slightly superior separation ability, bass is slightly faster, mids sound slightly thin in comparison.

ES5: More spacious and deep sound with some sub bass emphasis, mids are richer and fuller, narrower soundstage in comparison. Comparable level of details and resolution.

My personal preferences are to use the ES5 with Cayin n6 mk2 on the go and keep the S-EM6 V2 in the office paired with Black Label so far.


Final words

For sure this is not the latest product in the Earsonics line. I have not personally heard Purple or Grace yet.
I have no idea on how their new hybrids sound either.

ES5 really deserve more attention from both critical audiophiles and music lovers. Especially if you like heavy genres, these are very capable In-Ear Monitors which can produce many positive emotions and fun.
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