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Earin Wireless Earbuds

  1. AKGunkie
    A "first of its kind" future-like product with only a handful of flaws
    Written by AKGunkie
    Published Nov 15, 2015
    Pros - Good sound, portability, build quality, completely wireless, charging capsule
    Cons - Dependent on limited Bluetooth technology, some sonic flaws
    First off, I am 100% biased as a kickstarter backer of this product who has waited 16 months and an employee of Harman International so take everything with many grains of salt and just hear 'em for yourself!
    Packaging/accessories: Comes in a very nice magnetic lock case with comply tips, charging cable, capsule, a big thank you from the creators, extra tips, concha locks, and of course the earbuds. Nothing frivolous included, but it has a premium feel and is a box you will want to keep. ( 5/5 )
    Build Quality: Everything has a great build quality and earbuds and capsule have a great aesthetic and the closing of the capsule has one of those satisfying "click" sounds/feel to it. ( 5/5 )
    Comfort: Although they use Comply Tips, i've heard that they are a special type and even the smalls seem a tad big. They do provide very good isolation thanks to the snug fit. But this is a double edged sword as they are still considerably sized and not quite as comfortable as other well fitting small profiled IEMs. ( 4/5 )
    Wirelessness: Is that a word? It is now, the technology in these is only seen in a handful of products right now. Although others will be chasing this type of product, these are one of the "firsts". But how does it work you ask? In my experience very well. Pairing was very easy and i have only had a handful of connection problems over a number of hours, twice when initially playing music to them the sound switching strangely between left and right before stabilizing after changing volume. This is just a minor quirk. The other problem is every once in a while the right side will get a bit quiet or cut out altogether, this probably only happens once every 30 minutes or so and is not that distracting. ( 4.5/5 )
    Technology: The charging of the earbuds in the capsule is fairly quick and a great feature. The capsule can be charged by any usb port and doesn't take very long either. Two well implemented LEDs to alert user as when the capsule is charged and when the earbuds are charged. The only downside here is that these are reliant on bluetooth and audio must be compressed, they support aptX but i haven't tried using any device with that feature so i don't know if it helps solve the issue but i believe that the reliance on BT is the reason for the non-100% soundstage. They are not bad, but coming from high end IEMs you will notice a difference. I also believe that the BT requires a significant amount of volume, i usually do not venture past 20/30 on my phone with IEMs but these I tend to stick around 24/30 which i a significant jump ( 4.5/5)
    Sound: Now the most important part of headphones! How do they sound? Well, they have a well balanced sound and maintain good detail and clarity throughout the spectrum. A lack of sparkle in the very high end is apparent on some tracks and the low bass can lack texture at times, but they have a solid mid-range. Taking the soundstage into account they are quite capable and are very good considering there are no wires anywhere. ( 4/5 )
    Conclusion: All in all these are a very cool "one of a kind" like product and perform quite well, they sound pretty good and bring a very convenient charging solution with them. I expect to see many other companies follow suit and attempt similar products shortly. Very happy to have them:  Overall 4.5/5 
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    1. dafadau
      Thanks for the review - mine are on their way!
      dafadau, Nov 16, 2015
    2. BigBoi
      is it worth 300$?
      BigBoi, May 14, 2016