The JB9, a unique set of earbuds, is designed for enhanced audio performance, comfort, style and...

Earbuds with Wind-Up Case

  • The JB9, a unique set of earbuds, is designed for enhanced audio performance, comfort, style and carrying convenience. Although designed with a sense of fun, the JB9 delivers serious high quality sound from its proprietary custom design and tooling. Enhanced acoustic chambers built into the earbuds improve overall sonic performance and increase bass response for overall clearer sound reproduction. Its neodymium drivers provide optimum midrange efficiency for excellent vocal reproduction.The JB9's tuned bass port incorporates engineering inspired by hi-fi loudspeakers to increase lower frequencies for full, rich bass tones. Oxygen-free copper cable - typically used in premium audio cables - improves signal integrity for fewer impurities and lower signal resistance to result in crisp, clear lifelike sound. Proprietary design and tooling extends to the earbuds' outer design. Suspension comfort rings are cushioned by air for a secure fit and extended-wear ease. Santoprene rubber sleeving around the earbud stems permits easy gripping of the earbuds. For additional convenience, a raised tip on the Right channel earbud allows the user to readily identify the right and left channels.The winder case's proprietary shape permits easy storage and use. Manufactured of a soft rubber material, the winder case features two opposing panels that completely flip up for earbud storage on one side and cord storage on the other. When stored, earbuds securely rest in a molded tray inside the case. The cord wraps around the center post of the case, like the rope of a yo-yo. Available in the cool color combination of translucent frost and icy blue, the JB9 is designed for maximum eye appeal among fashion-conscious young consumers.


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