E1DA Power Dac v2.1


New Head-Fier
Best amp under 100$ ( that I've tried )
Pros: Linear neutral sound
Very powerful
Super clean
Great sound amplifier in balanced or unbalanced
Cons: Drains battery
Doesn’t work on Mac OS
Peq isn’t the most user friendly
E1DA Power Dac v2.1 Headphone Amp

Punchy Lows

Great Detail

Great Extension

Neutral sound signature

One of my best sounding amps

Sounds great off phone but amazing on laptop

Does not support Mac OS

Works on iOS and android and windows

DSP software in App

Discord Support

1) Balanced - the same as PDv2 balanced 2.5mm TRRS up to 600mW/channel output

2) Unbalanced - you can use that mode with E1DA 2.5/3.5mm adapter to drive your unbalanced headphones, however, power in that mode is lower vs Balanced mode
3) Unbalanced Boost - the same as Unbalanced with full 600mW power but with some crossfeed effect. This is the price for the versatility of a single 2.5mm TRRS output
Also, PDv2.1 got the new USB audio bridge CT7601 Comtrue, instead of Cmedia which was far from ideal.

PDv2.1 has a soft-start function to avoid high inrush current,

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