Dunu TITAN 1 — titanium-coated diaphragm earphones

General Information

DUNU TITAN1 in ear monitor utilizes the top of the line dynamic transducer with nano class titanium diaphragm.

Different from the typical dynamic transducer, it is capable of perfect transient response while retains a nature yet energetic sound - with clear and delicate layering, thick and powerful bass response as well as amazing treble clarity that combined to recreate the impressive ‘live’ feeling of the music recording.

The titanium diaphragm has great sonic clarity and transparency, is able to handle high power without distortion and evenly spreads the energy across its surface. Its exceptional fine crafting restores the power and speed back into the instruments presentation with both force and precision to achieve an excellent sound quality. By combining the characteristics of fast transient response similar to balanced armature and the power of dynamic transducer, titanium diaphragm transducer is able to outperform both. That’s TITAN1’s advantage.

TITAN1’s main body is made out of metal, ensuring both durability and aesthetic beauty. It also comes with eartips of various designs for maximum isolation and comfort, in order to help the listener to submerge into a perfect musical experience. Other high quality accessories include but not limited to: metal pin, cable guide, and portable storage case – all help to assure the best form and function inside one package.

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: good soundstage, quality, clarity
Cons: lacks bass, maybe you can find somthing best for the price
[color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] Today I bring you a review of the dunu titan 1, an audiphone icon that is characterized by having a great soundstage and have even said that it has more soundstage than the shure se425 which I can say that it is so and defends very well to the New headphones that have come out today. 1. What's in the box: The box has a solid box to carry them, adapter 3.5 to 6.3, several tips of different sizes and clip for clothes. But the box is of another level, very luxurious and well made .... Here are some pictures.[/color]
[color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] 2. With what audio probe: ibasso dx100, nuforce icon hd, ipod nano 7g and lg g4. Honestly makes a better match the nuforce since the ibasso is very defined but with the lg g4 is doing well too. 3. Characteristics of sound: honestly here we will find a very tight bass but of very good quality, clear sound defined, very good means but they stay a little behind, the treble or the brightness is something very prominent and can become a little annoying but like To improve that I will speak later. What most impresses of these audionos is the separation of instruments, soundstage and the 3d feeling that leaves, that actually surpasses those of its price even in these days. 4.Construction and material: These earphones are made to last with a metal construction and in a cord-like part, these earphones would easily last 2 years or more. 5.Comparations: -Dunu titan 1 vs fiio ex1: Honestly they are almost the same around the sound but there is no significant difference ... The titan 1 is a little less shiny and comes with more accessories but if I had to choose between the two, I would leave Definitely for the fi1 ex1 ... in aliexpress the ex1 cost 65 dollars and the dunu titan 1 82 dollars so it is much better to pay the 65dollars since they are almost the same. -Dunu titan 1 vs Brainwavz M2: The m2 do not have much soundstage but they are more recommended to people not audofila since it satisfies the needs that a person does not audiophile (great bass, much impact, not so good and not very high prominent means ), But the main protagonist here is the impact, so the hype that impacts almost all the time. Now the best! The mod: To solve the hissing in high notes or in the cymbals simply place tape or something that is affirmed in the metal, in 2 holes of the 12 that has and put 2 tips together (one with the largest hole to fit, What is next seen in the images).[/color]
Happy songs to everyone!


New Head-Fier
Pros: Clear highs, overall SQ, Soundstage, Tight bass with nice extension, Accessories
Cons: Overall build quality, non replaceable cable
Most about these IEMs is already said in many reviews already out there so keeping it short. SQ is brilliant. Sounded clearly a notch better than Shure SE215 to me. Could easily be the best sub 100$ IEMs out there in terms of sheer sound quality. Lacks in isolation department. Knocking off the half star just because, at asking the price, the design could have been better from durability perspective.


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Wide unique soundstage, detailed, accurate bass, fantastic value
Cons: Little artificial treble
I've only been in this game since January but have bought a new IEM every month (at pay day obviously). Nothing yet has come close to being my go-to IEM. (I should note...I bought the Titans for £100 but then returned them for the Fiio EX 1s which were the same IEM but rebranded for Fiio... and only £50.... wow.)
I also have Soundmagic e10, Re400s, Havi B3 Pro 1s, Trinity Audio Deltas V1, MEE Pinnacle P1s and I've heard and returned Dunu DN2000s just today.
BASS - I originally thought they didn't have much bass impact but once I used Comply Foam T-500s that changed. It then become nice and accurate with a good mid bass thump. I sometimes EQ a little bit more sub bass. Bassheads won't like these imo.
MIDS - Little recessed but still detailed. They have a slight bit of warmth (which i like). Vocals sound great, especially harmonies which come out fantastically with it's HUGE soundstage. Guitars have great body. I originally thought they lacked a bit of detail, but once I heard other IEMs known for detail and microdetail i realised they were just as competent. They just place the details around the soundstage, but everything is there. i bought the Dn2000s to give me a pair that I could marvel at microdetails but it took me by surprise just how similar the Titans could be when needed.
HIGHS - Probably it's weakest factor. They can be heard but can sound a bit artificial to my ears. Some may find them a wee bit fatiguing at first, but again the foam tips helped that with me. I'm not anywhere close to being a treble head but I like to hear a bit of detail which these def do. They don't have problems with sibilance either.
SOUNDSTAGE - Most people will pick this as the biggest draw. It's huge due to the vent holes. Nice and airy, vocals and instruments have great placement, stereo effect is well done even though they can sit way out your head at times. Very 3D like. the Havi B3 Pro 1s have a very large soundstage and they also use it in a very effective realistic way, but to me it is ruler flat whereas the Titans is just as wide but has better depth and height and is more airy... just bigger.
FIT - Very comfortable, very light. Isolation isn't great though down to the vent holes so you will hear everything going on around you on the go, but it doesn't effect the listening experience. They sound great still... they just greater in a quiet atmosphere.
Genres - I think they do well for all types of music, especially rock. make anthems sound amazing. It's like fireworks in your ears. Guitars and harmonies bursting all round you. Modern pop and electro sound great. i don't listen to classical but I'd think they'd do quite well with big orchestras.
i use these with Xduoo X3 which compliment it very well. i also use it with Fiio e10k and it just just as well. Doesn't need amping imo, and is very forgiving with low bitrate songs... unlike the Mee P1s lol
I have two other great sets in the Deltas and MEE P1s. They are great for different reasons, but the Titans still outperform them for a fun listen (the Deltas are close though as they have a similar mid bass punch which i like). This is a lot to do with that great soundstage though. It's just so unique.
For £50 you are getting a SUPERB IEM... no wonder it is sitting at Number 2. The value is unreal tbh. Not sure if Fiio will keep them at this price point, but they compete with IEMs four times as expensive imo.


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