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The Dunu DM-380
Triple Titanium Dynamic drivers, two 5mm and one 6mm per side.
16Ω, at 2mW with a sensitivity of 100-110dB, 20-16KHz* 20-40KHz
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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Great sound signature with pleasant range and details.
Very nice looking pouch. Sturdy build and cable. Comfortable as well.
Cons: Non detachable cable and comes with microphone only.
Premium unique design maybe a plus or minus depending on taste.
These were sent by DUNU topsound for my honest opinion so here we go.

Remarkably not overly flashy but still looking upscale with some bling.
Build quality:
Sturdy non removable cable reinforced stress points light yet feels like you could throw and go without any problem especially since it comes with a rugged included pouch.
I found the sound signature pleasant and quite surprising considering some previous experience with multiple Dynamics.
This offers a smooth deep base and the transition to the mid-range was without the muddiness that sometimes comes from multiple dynamic drivers surprisingly highs are exceptionally well balanced and have some sparkle without being harsh. The vocals were quite pleasant and forward , soundstage is open and accurate.

Overall another great contender for the budget throne.
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I just found out about these. Looks super interesting with the 3 DD drivers. I might have to order me a set.
Speed King
Speed King
Boi for 50 bucks it's a damn good deal!