Dunu DC4

General Information

DUNU is a fairly new company and was started as a brand of the Top Sound OEM making IEMs that utilize very high quality housings that have a similar look and feel, but better build quality to the Monster IEMs. I have had a chance to hear some DUNU products briefly, but as I now stick to custom IEMs and higher priced universals I didn’t perform a full evaluation. I was a little surprised when DUNU announced they would be releasing a custom IEM, although the move is not unheard of since custom IEMs have become much more popular as of late. I contacted DUNU and got in touch with Rocky, and after several emails were exchanges he agreed to send me a review unit.

Initially, all the information that was available was that DUNU was making a custom IEM with 4 BA drivers called the Custom 4 unit, so the anticipation was on. The price was unknown, but there were some amazing looking pictures on the DUNU Facebook page. While communicating with Rocky about the sample, I asked him about artwork and he responded that making sure the sound was right is the top priority and artwork is secondary, so maybe in the future. Considering they are just entering the market, I can’t disagree, and I do also agree that the sound is more important than the look. There was a lead time between when I sent my ear impressions and when the CIEM was sent.


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