Duet FireWire Audio Interface (Mac)

General Information

Inspiration is a gift that can come to you anywhere and at anytime. As an artist you need to be prepared. And, you need a collaborator to help you capture it with ease and without compromise... Meet Duet. Duet is a portable audio interface that feat...

Latest reviews

Pros: Useful for studio recording as analog-to-digital converter and rich sounding as a DAC.
Cons: Uses Firewire, so connectivity may be an issue for some. Can be converted to USB C through use of adapters.
I've had this unit since 2007 and it's been an integral part of my home recording studio environment. It also works brilliantly as a DAC and easily drives my Sennheiser HD800 cans. 
Pros: Great
Cons: None
Owned this dec for 4 years, works beautifully.


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