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IPX7 waterproof, earbuds with volume control, Total 16 hours playtime, no master restriction, with mono/stereo mode, built-in microphone for clear calls, superior music sound quality from the 8mm DD, for Sports & Exercise, lightweight

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Surprising ultra budget TSW
Pros: A balanced signature, great comforts, IPX7 water resistance price
Cons: At $25 or lower I can't really nit pick or expect perfection

The DUDIOS came in a similar box as previews products simple and sturdy. Construction of the FreeDots is sturdy yet light. The unit itself is small and should be comfortable for everyones ears.

They boast such features as Bluetooth 5.0 and 16 hour playback time, even physical buttons on each pair. They connect so simple and fast, have decent range and call quality too.

Sound: Usually we give a basic analysis of sound when talking Bluetooth products, these really sound nice and have a well balanced signature with some sub-bass lift Bass in general is tight and fast. Mids are very clear with a forward yet natural position and very pleasant. Treble is good with a nice amount of detail and a little sparkle on top without going over. Overall the signature is more mature and relaxed compared to most in this range.

This is a extremely easy to use product and for $25 it offers a great balanced listening experience, nice features like IPX7 , buttons for volume etc and are very comfortable for long use.



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