DSI Wireless Serene TV-Direct Listener, TV-100

General Information

Hear everything in great comfort and without disturbing others. Unlike ordinary TV listening devices, the all new wireless TV Direct does not pinch, tug or suffocate your ears. It won't even mess up your hair! It rests gently and naturally on your shoulders. It is so light and comfortable you can hardly feel that it is there. High-fidelity noise isolating speakers (within ear buds) deliver crystal clear dialog and high definition stereo sound directly to your ears. No more muffled words, no more missing sound effects and more importantly no more disturbing others while enjoying television. The headphones can also be used with MP3 players or airplane audio systems, and they work with plasma TV's. Rechargeable battery life gives up to 24 hours of listening on a single charge. One Year Factory Warranty.


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