Dr. Dre Premium Headphones Beats Studio (Black)

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  1. FenderBender
    "Good for office not as good for pure enjoyment."
    Pros - Comfort, noice cancel, detachable cable, remote
    Cons - price, warm to wear long periods, batteries for operation.
    First of all I have to begin with that I'm pretty happy with them.
    Got them to get decent sound when working in an open landscape environment.
    I would never spend 300$, got them for almost half that price when monster had some factory refurbished for sale. That was a good deal since the felt and looked brand new. Maybe its just their way to do some price diversification!?
    What I like : Nice canceling is great in an office environment. The detachable cable in both ends is great too. Many times it has saved the equipment and first cable was a bit loose so I complained and got another one. This way you can get away cheeper if you mess up or get a broken cable like me. When talking about cables the one with microphone and remote is an awesome combo with MacBook. I did not even think about it but when I plug it in I can use the microphone and also volume and skip songs. Just that thing is so great because you can go from listening to music to do a Skype or Facetime in an instance.
    The bad: price unless you get a deal. Sound quality is more in a 100$ range competition but not bad as such. It just could have been better. The biggest upset is that you can not listen if the 2 AAA run out of steam. Why not having a bypass like many others do? Also they tend to get quite warm to wear after 1h or so.
  2. JonnyRocket
    "The Abercrombie of headphones"
    Pros - Looks cool, Comfortable, Has control Talk, Folds up
    Cons - See below
    I'm going to write two reviews.  The first is for the person who comes across this site and has to have the Beats.  The second is for everyone else.
    Do you buy all your clothes from Abercrombie and Finch?  Is sound quality a distant second in the things you look for when buying headphones?  Do the rims on your car cost more than the car itself??  Then these are for you!!  Welcome to the Beats by Dre Studio headphones!  These are what everyone including your favorite athletes and celebrities are wearing.  We all know rappers make much better headphones than traditional headphone companies and with these you will be able to listen to your favorite music, just the way Dre does.  These phones are off the chain!!  They come with 2 cords, a nice box, some papers, batteries, a 1/4 adaptor and an airplane adaptor.  These Beats are fashionable and heads will turn when your rockin these cans down the street.  The sound leakage is so awesome that they will also be able to hear every word of what your listening too, but who cares bro?  Just like the Black Eyed Peas, you'll be rockin dem Beats an they probably want to listen to what your listening to anyway!  So do yourself a favor and grab a pair of studios cause these cans is just what the Dr. ordered!
    Review 2
    The good:
      These are lightweight and comfortable.  They have a Control Talk wire which is convient and They fold up nice.
    The bad:
      The sound leakage is atrocious.  At 60% volume, not only can my roommate 12 feet away hear the music, he can understand the words.  These come with an airplane adaptor, but you would need to listen to you music at really low listening levels to be able to use these on a plane.  These are my first set of cans and I really didn't expect them to be as bad in sound quality as they are.  My turbine Golds sound better in everyway when compared to these and they are in ears and were $20 less.  Im not going to comment on the sound since others with more experiance have.  One fatal flaw in these and something to think about in the overall cost of the product is they require batteries to operate.  There is no pass-through switch to turn off the noise canceling function.  The Beats also have no auto-shutoff of this function if you forget to switch off the noise canceling feature. Which means if you forget to shut your Studios off, the batteries die and since the batteries are dead, you cannot listen to your music.  What kind of since does this make?  Welcome to the Beats by Dre Studios.  I would not recommend these unless you can get them for $130 USD or less.  On a side note, Ive read that a lot of the Studios have the screws comming out and people don't know what kind screwdriver is used.  It's a Torque 5 (from the website).
    Best uses:  Ear warmers, showing everyone how well marketing works.
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  3. syNRG
    "The most over-rated headphones ever"
    Pros - Style, Noise cancellation
    Cons - Leakage. SQ
    In terms of SQ i know these are some of the worst headphones ever. The amount of bass is unbelievable and audio reproduction is a disgrace.
    The looks are definitely there. I bought mine years ago and sold them recently. I got mine before they were "cool" and definitely regretted the poor choice. 
    For $300, they sound like cheap headphones with over done bass.
    Comfort was ok. Nothing special. After a while they would begin to hurt my head due to pressure. The ear cups were soft and so was the top, but still too tight. Nothing compared to my Brainwavz HM5.
    In conclusion:
    don't buy these. Buy some sennheiser or get a set of M50s i know sound a lot better than these 
  4. YairTzi
    "Not worth buying"
    Tried these for few hours - muddy bass, low separation, boomy.
    The good: Comfy and good noise isolation.
  5. alvincapalad
    "Unbiased review on Beats Studio headphones"
    Pros - Eye-candy, good for noisy environments, comfortable
    Cons - Build quality needs improvement, not for serious listeners or purist, marketing should be for general consumers, overpriced
    Since I haven't seen any fair reviews on the Monster Beats Studio headphones, I will be making an unbiased straight-forward review on this pair of cans.
    First, I've read alot of bashing with this set of cans. I thought the sound quality of this set of cans is fairly decent and a guilty pleasure for bass-heads. If you are an audiophile enjoying your music in a silent room, then this headphones aren't meant for you. I thought that this headphones is good for noisy environments (i.e. djing in a club, riding a train, strolling the city), right amount of noise cancelling which will not lead you to getting hit by a car [​IMG]
    The marketing of Beats headphones should be for general consumers not pros or audiophiles, that said let's not get ahead of ourselves.
    I thought Monster and Dre just used the wrong branding for this set of cans, it shouldn't be named as "Studio" for one, that is probably why it is not getting any love from audiophiles. Another thing, it is overpriced for the overall value of the product.
    So let's get started with the review.
    I'll be doing two sets of reviews per category one for general consumers and for audiophiles.
    Design: I thought Beats Studio has one of best good-looking headphones I've seen, it has an Applesque design, minimalistic, and a glossy finish. Unfortunately, Monster have sacrificed too much of its build quality over its design. As an industrial designer myself, I would've prefered a matted ABS-plastic over the scratcheable glossy-finish although Monster claimed it has a scratch-free coating. No amount of coating will prevent scratches when it is being dropped.
    Build Quality: As I have discussed earlier with the design, they have sacrificed too much aesthetics for its build quality. In just a month's use, the outer screws of this headphones are getting loose. The solution? Swap the inner screws with the outer screws and tighten them up with a T5 screw driver. Another issue is the headband. The base of the headband is made out of very thin plastic, if you have a fairly large cranium, over time it will break; there is too much stress for that thin plastic to withstand it. I've seen Youtube videos of users pulling the headband horizontally and it wouldn't break, of course it wouldn't. But, say in 6-12 month's use, it will have this hairline cracks that will ultimately cause it to break. Overall, the build quality needs improvement.
    Comfort: One of the most comfortable headphones that I've used. The ear cushions are so soft, the head padding are thin, but you wouldn't feel a thing.
    Sound Quality: For general consumers, who just wants to have fun, enjoy fine design and have money to burn then this headphones are for you. But, if you are in a tight budget, then I would't recommend this cans at all. 
    Setting the cost aside and purely judging this set of cans with its sound quality, this headphones are fun to listen too. Since I do work as a Club DJ from time to time, you would appreciate a headphone that you can actually hear in a very noisy environment. It doesn't have the swivelling features of other DJ headphones, but you can just wear and take it off for cueing.
    For outside use with fair amount of noise, the noise cancelling feature is good enough. You don't want to block out all the noise as you might get hit by a car. 
    Now we got to the AUDIOPHILES:
    For audiophiles, if you are listening in your quiet room, this set of cans is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR YOU. The bass of this thing is overwhelming. It has an electronic sounding bass, not very natural. 
    If you listen to it intently, it is fairly detailed with its mids and highs; however, because of the overwhelming bass it muffles the sound. Quick fix, of course is play with your EQ and remove the bass. The highs are extended, when you hear percussions, cymbals or claps, they very well extend to the next note which is not good when you want absolute detail.
    For studio use, not recommended. Too much sound leaking, highs are extended and bass aren't natural sounding.
    Cost: For consumers and audiophiles alike, this set of cans are overpriced. I think the price of this cans should be in the range of $80 to $130. But, if you have money to burn, and just wants to have overwhelming bass and something you could use in the noisy streets or if you are a club DJ wanting style, then go ahead buy the cans. Not recommended for serious listeners (audiophiles and music producers)
    I would rate this cans 6/10. It is an eye-candy, bad build quality (cannot take abuse), good enough beats for people on the go (not for serious listeners), overpriced (but for those who have money go ahead and buy it).
    For people who wants fun, flash, style, definitely for urban living who has money to burn. Not for serious listeners, purist, audiophiles.
    For people hating the headphones, I'll make this simple. If you give an Audio-Technica M50s to say, general consumers then they might not like the sound of it because of its warmth, which us audiophiles love it. If we audiophiles get Beats Studio or Bose headphones, we don't like because of its lacking detail. 
    Bottom line, there is a headphone for everyone. So we must look at that fine line, objectively. And, stop all these pop-culture hating. The Studios might be their ticket to the Audiophiles' world, then they might discover the M50s, HD800s, the Grados :)
    Blessed are those who wear fine headphones, for theirs is the sound of heaven [​IMG]
  6. LazBro123
    Pros - Looks nice, comfortable
    Cons - Sounds muddy, active noise cancelling sucks, cheap plastic, OVERPRICED
    DO NOT BUY THESE. I tried these out for 10 minutes at the Apple store, and I was disgusted by the muddy sound. For 300 dollars, there are so many better options than this trash. Cheap plastic is used and the ANC is terrible. On a positive note, these look really cool and are comfortable.
  7. SilverS
    "Don't buy these hahaha :D"
    Pros - None
    Cons - Expensive
    You know what, yeah you're all right, Beats suck! Woo bandwagoning! :D
  8. Kevin Liddle
    Pros - Nice bass
    Cons - Has no clear voice, not isolated, over price, not noise-cancelling
    My friend first bought it and then he regreted alot of times, only good thing about the beats are bass but nothing else
  9. ShadowStalker
    "Cool Headphones, Not Worth the Price"
    Pros - Look cool, decent bass, kept ears warm in -15 degree weather
    Cons - Expensive, bass overpowers a lot of music
    While I am not an expert on headphones by any means, I just recently started producing my own music and decided to try these out. I couldn't BELIEVE how expensive these were. Quality seemed cheap, after reading other reviews I was very afraid to drop them. I was not thrilled with having to turn them on and off and have extra batteries around. I am not sure if that is how most higher end headphones are or what.
    My recommendation, don't buy a pair of headphones because they look cool. I listen to House music all day long and these cans didn't thrill me. Glad I stumbled across this forum so that I can make a more educated decision on my next pair.