Double Helix Cables Toucan PB1 Balanced Adapter

General Information

If you're up to date on the latest portable audio gear, then you probably have an iBasso PB1 Toucan already. It's the first portable out there with balanced input and output. However, you will need some nice adapters to use it with your balanced headphones, but that's where DHC comes in.

4-pin female XLR or dual female 3-pin XLR adapter for iBasso Toucan 6-pin balanced input
Works with inputs or outputs - hook up balanced cans or plug in a balanced home DAC
4-wire balanced star quad geometry prevents interference
DHC Nucleotide custom stranded OCC copper wire - super flexible and tough
Neutrik and Hirose professional-grade silver connectors
Soft black multifilament nylon sleeving
Built to last


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