Double Helix Cables Symbiote "Fusion" OCC Ag/Pure OCC Cu IEM Cable

General Information

We came up with this idea while brainstorming late at night with some fellow cable enthusiasts. Our popular "Peptide" pure OCC copper litz cables features a bundle of seven bundles of litz copper strands with a unique rope-like appearance from the type 2 litz construction, and a Silver Peptide litz wire was already in the works. But what if we made a true hybrid - with independent bundles of silver and copper strands? As a litz construct, the silver and copper stay separate down the length of the wire as the strands are individually insulated. So each strand is like 3 or 4 independent copper and silver cables, a fusion of two metals rather than one metal plated onto another. The idea was too promising to ignore, so finally in 2013 we have added a new wire to our collection which has impressed us with every cable we have applied it to.

DHC Peptide "Fusion" is a 24awg type 2 litz construct of pure OCC silver strands and pure OCC copper strands, with 3 silver bundles and 3 copper bundles of equal size spiralled around a seventh equally sized bundle in the center for an evenly spaced "candy cane" appearance of silver and copper with fine, narrow stripes of each color - and with clear PE insulation. The wire is deep cryogenically treated at the manufacturer's in-house facility to perfect the molecular structure of the metal at an atomic level. The insulation has been revised to a 25% slimmer profile compared to our Symbiote SE's pure copper Peptide litz wire. This is the most compact 24awg IEM cable we have ever offered with a sleek 1.4mm dimension to each strand.


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