DITA Audio The Answer (Truth Edition)

  1. ExpatinJapan
    DITA The Truth a TOTL single driver IEM
    Written by ExpatinJapan
    Published Sep 19, 2016
    Pros - Neutral, detailed, non fatiguing, smooth
    Cons - Cable is prone to coiling

    DITA-The Truth, Review Expatinjapan

     Head Pie  
    NOTE: I wrote this review several years and it needs an updated version for sure as my ears and sources have improved.
    This article I first published on the Head-fi forums.

    I have since upgraded from their earlier design in 2013 to their smaller, and imho better sounding present rendition of the DITA-Truth.


    I received a set of DITA - The Answer (Truth Edition) from the designers in late October, 2013.
    My first impressions were very positive but I wanted to give them a bit time to `loosen up`.
    There are two choices of DITA `The Answer` and `The Answer - Truth edition`. The difference is in the high quality cable made by Van den Hul that comes with the Truth edition.

    General specs:
    Driver - One ultra- wide width 10mm transducer.
    FR - 18-25,000 Hz.
    Impedance - 16ohms.
    Sensitivity 102db.
    Color - Satin Black
    Cable - The Truth custom made by VDH 1.2m.
    Solder VDH Lead-free silver solder.
    3 pairs small bore tips S/M/L (sweeter highs).
    3 Pairs medium bore tips S/M/L (reference tuning).
    3 pairs large bore tips S/M/L (airier highs).
    1 pair double flange tips.
    1 custom flight adapter.
    1 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.
    1 premium leather carrying case.
    1 casual carrying case.
    The DITA Truth Edition is a single driver dynamic in ear as described on their website `
     uses a single ultra-fast, ultra-wide bandwidth transducer, purpose built to handle any musical genre`.

    Everything about the DITA is quality, from the design to the packaging. A few photos for the package fetishists.



    And also comes with a choice of two cases, one hardback and another in stylish leather.

    Well what of the sound? Well we will get to that, take small bites and chew throughly to get the full flavor and enjoyment from our food shall we?
    The single driver is connected by a weaved almost custom cable cable set in what i would guess is a durable form of shrink wrap, the solid part of the cable as seen in the first photo has a small window where one can visibly see the quality of the cable contained within.

    It is not a detachable cable which may turn of some people, but this is standard for single drivers whilst detachable is often more seen in multi driver IEMs. Don`t view me as an apologist either, for although I can agree with the fears of spending a good bit of pocket money on an expensive in ear from a new company on the block I must say that the Dita is built solidly.
    In these days of a wide variety of multi driver IEMs why would one even consider the back to basics of a single driver (I love my ATH-CK10 btw), can a single driver even approach the dynamics and deep sonics on a multi driver IEM? In the case of the DITA Answer (Truth Edition) I think it has come close, how close my hobbyist ears can`t exactly say, and I am not one to over elaborate or pontificate on audio products.
    Am I happy with the sound? Yes.

    Tokyo Headphone Show 2013.

    The DITA crew.

    As mentioned earlier initial impressions were positive from the early demo unit I tried at a show in early 2013 to the final product I received for review in October 2013.
    I have mainly used the DITA -Answer Truth edition with my Hifi-m8>Venturecraft lightning cable> touch 5G using Flacplayer app. Using the supplied reference tips which suited my tastes most of all.
    The DITA Truth seems a very balanced all rounder without skimping on any particular sonics, the bass is solid and present without being flabby or over bearing, the mids are present and add a fullness to the music yet don`t dampen down the the musicality by being overly warm, the highs are present without any sibilance or over bearing screeching that seems to accompany many in ears.
    The DITA does detail well, but not at the expense of enjoyment. It seems to tread that fine line between pleasing everyone and it does it very well.
    I found riding on the train and subway that they were fairly good at isolating sound, after listening for longer periods I did not have any listening fatigue.
    At the risk of this seemingly appearing as a suspicious semi sponsored fan fest pre-solicited volunteer head-fier review - I must admit I have drunk the kool aid on this one, but as other head-fiers know I am generally of few words and dont feel a long drawn out review is more precious than short and sweet.
    I await impressions from Currawong, hopefully Anakchan, If Joker could get his hands on a pair for his lengthly and voluminous IEM thread on head-fi that would be perfect and I heard innerfidelity will perhaps do a fuller review than here. Also DITA appeared at the recent Mook headphone festival so hopefully we will get some impressions via there.

    The DITA Answer (Truth Edition) is a well made in ear by a young and upcoming company, it is well packaged and solidly built.
    The sound is full and does not scrimp on revealing the micro details of the music tracks thrown at it.
    If one is at home or commuting the result is pleasing in both situations in terms of isolation.
    The variety of tips included is sufficient and also means one can tailor the signature to suit their own individual tastes.
    Being a single driver means it plays well with the majority of source devices and does not demand a 1ohm output source to perform at its optimum as multi driver IEMs do.
    The DITA is a quality product so it will favor being used with a similar tier source, and accompanying files.
    Possibles and probables:
    The bass might be too full for some people at various times, but I will put that down to possible individual taste rather any design short comings. I found it clean and full myself.
    Danny from DITA wrote `We strongly believe that earphones should closely mimic their two channel counterparts especially in the highest levels of audiophiledom.  My personal goal is to have a very high level of 2-channel audio system available on the go.  If you go to RMAF or CES and have a listen to really high end audio systems, you always feel the bass.  It's impactful and uncoloured.  Never muddy or slow`.
    The cable of the Truth is a weave and contained within a wrap, I found mine to be coiled somewhat serpentine but was assured that production models with be more pre-shaped and without that problem.
    In short form I believe the DITA to be a quality product in presentation, sound and built quality and am happy to have had the opportunity to try them out.
    Photos are mine and also from the Dita website (with their permission).
    Dita website

    Thanks for reading

  2. Currawong
    DITA Audio has come out with an outstanding first pair of IEMs with a unique, high quality design and interesting cable.
    Written by Currawong
    Published May 5, 2014
    Pros - Excellent sound quality for a single dynamic driver. Cable doesn't suffer from "microphonics". Design quality and accessories are outstanding.
    Cons - The cable isn't detachable, restricting use to regular, single-ended DAPs and amps. Long run-in time.
    Being somewhat well-known, it is not unusual for me to be approached by manufacturers at the Tokyo headphone festivals, ushered into an empty corridor or behind the banners at a manufacturer’s display and asked to look at or try a prototype of an up-coming product. I’ve even been accosted in this manner in a headphone store in Tokyo the day before one of the festivals by someone who recognised me. A couple of years ago a pair of gentlemen, Danny and Desmond from Singapore approached me to ask if I’d try a pair of in-ear monitors they were going to manufacture for a fairly reasonable price. Round, like a large pill, with an nozzle exiting at 45 degrees to one side, they fitted simply and sounded good enough with my current variety of music types that I said I’d take them on the spot as they were. Not only was it unusual to find a prototype of an upcoming product from a new company that seemed to get it right, but also to meet two people whom, with everything they spoke, were completely sensible with an excellent attitude. 
    Danny and Desmond with Alex, their distributor in Japan at the 2013 Autumn Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival.

    It turned out that both owned a high-end audio store that imported, among other things, Stax. Like Gavin Chiu of Tralucent Audio, they had set out to make their own product as a result of the dissatisfaction they felt when auditioning other available IEMs. But unlike Tralucent, they had decided to go with a completely mechanically manufactured design with a non-removable cable. This is where it gets interesting, however, as they offer two versions of the IEMs: One with a regular cable and one at around double the price with a Van Den Hul 3T cable called “The Truth”. Honestly! Jokes aside, the attention to detail on both products is absolutely outstanding.
    DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3741.jpg   DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3743.jpg  ​
    DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3748.jpg   DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3767.jpg
    DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3751.jpg   DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_3752.jpg
    Fast forward to 2013 and the release and the box they come in is the largest I’ve ever seen for a pair of IEMs. As well as the IEMs themselves, 6.5mm and airline socket adaptors are included, along with two cases — one more conventional 2-pouch zip case and a leather or leather-like box with magnetic latch. Three sizes of single-flange tips are included with one set of bi-flange tips. Each size in turn has three different types of tips, differentiated by colour and nozzle size, allowing the sound to be tuned to taste to some degree.
    Tips: Blue (narrow), Grey (reference), Black (wide) and bi-flange.​

    The Answer is surprising for a high-end pair of IEMs in that the cable is permanently attached. In the case of the Truth Edition, the guys have gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that it is robust and will last a long time. Likewise the cable is designed by Van Den Hul using their 3T technology, which is likewise designed to be mechanically reliable even when wound tightly. Physically the cable is very rubbery and holds its shape well, which is necessary for it to sit well around the ears. Adjustments can be made by heating it with a hair dryer, though in use, if you examine the top of the splitter, you’ll find that it is a slidable choker. One major plus of the cable is that it is completely silent. It doesn’t transmit any noise to the ear pieces when touched or rubbing.
    The IEM itself is pill-shaped with an angular nozzle for the earpiece, which results in a fairly shallow insertion that may not be deep enough for some. This nozzle is larger than average, similar in size to the FitEar IEMs. The tips themselves fit with differing degrees of difficulty, a result of each type having different nozzle sizes. The widest black tips pop on easily and bring out the treble more and the bass a little less. The smallest-nozzle blue tips are difficult to get on and reduce the treble peak somewhat, bringing out more mid-bass emphasis. Between black and blue are the grey “reference tuning” tips which provide more of a balance. 
    DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_7231.jpg   DITA_The_Answer_Truth_Edition_DSC_7232.jpg
    The overall balance of the sound is fairly typical of what you’d expect of a standard pair of “audiophile” headphones — something of a mid-bass hump and a high treble peak. With the blue tips I found the mid-bass to be a bit strong. Likewise with the black tips a bit weak. But the former may be preferable to people who listen to more modern recordings that seem to have a stronger treble. Their treble does seem a bit bright and, until they have had a sufficient number of hours of use, is a bit harsh.

    Once they have had a sufficient number of hours on them, the frequency response stops fluctuating and everything starts to come good. It’s then that it really becomes apparent what Danny and Desmond have achieved with their design. Typical for good dynamic driver designs, the bass is fantastic in how it is delivered, rivalled in balanced armature designs only by the Shure SE846 and Roxannes. The mids are phenomenal, rivalling the best full-sized headphones in quality and the treble, especially with cymbals, which are notoriously tricky to get sounding right in an IEM, is unexpectedly excellent, again only bested by the latest top custom or universal IEMs that I’ve had experience with.

    Switching between various IEMs on my AK240, in many respects I felt the combination was very much rivalling my main listening system for detail retrieval, which was unexpected. While proper instrument spacial positioning isn’t possible with IEMs, in other aspects there was enough separation between frequencies and sounds in all music to make for a very enjoyable listening experience.

    Overall, The Answer (Truth Edition) is a very expensive pair of IEMs, but compared to the cost of other top-of-the-line universals, especially after paying for an extra, high quality cable to replace the stock cable in some cases, they are quite competitive given their outstanding quality, unique and thoughtful design and included high-quality cable. 
    Thanks to Danny for giving me a unit for review.
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