DiMarzio RCA Interconnects (4.5ft)

General Information

If youre looking for very high quality, very transparent interconnects for your audio andor headphone rack, youve found them. These DiMarzio RCA-terminated cables are our favorite HeadRoom recommendation and an excellent value. They would be great sound quality performers for any high-end system at a fraction the cost of many other boutique audio interconnects. Durable build quality, proprietary shielding, and DiMarzio-designed dialectrics internal braid geometry, and colorful outer sheathing makes these cables a distinctive looking choice too perfect for any reference source.These DiMarzio made-in-the-USA interconnects have locking RCA connectors for secure contact to the posts and are availbale in this 4.5ft long pair -- plus also 1.5ft, 1 meter approx 3ft, and 6ft lengths.


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