DiMarzio M-Path Interconnects (4.5ft)

General Information

An excellent choice of interconnects for use with our higher line headphone amps and also your stereo components, these audio cables deliver the signal as it was meant to beclean, clear, and open, with great bottom-end extension. These are sweet reference interconnects suitable for your whole audio system and represent a nice sound quality performance improvement over the non-MPath DiMarzio design.Besides being very attractive in red and black outer sheathing, the M-Path interconnects feature 16AWG Teflon-insulated OFHC, ultrasonically welded to self-locking RCA connectors. By fusing the individual strands into a solid conductor and eliminating solder joints, the M-Path design delivers a sonic difference you can clearly hear versus any other interconnects at this price. The DiMarzio M-Path interconnects set a whole new standard for clarity, detail resolution accuracy, and dynamic musical performance. Also available in 1.5ft, 4.5ft, and 6ft lengths.


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